The global times dated 17 Jan 2014 had some very eye catching and amusing articles in it. Whether it’s the way with words or the freshness in the articles, the young writers and editors really don’t leave a stone unturned to catch the attention of the readers and amuse them. The article titled “Selected and elected” written by Tanmay Goel had very well-representation, whether the grouping of the paragraph into various sub headings representing the various sentiments related to the elections. The very idea of comparison of the political election catches the very attention of the reader making him or her curious. The sub heading like “The established” mentioning the introduction and various type of campaigning or the subheading “The dissolution” mentioning about the division of classes into groups due to clash of ideologies are very appropriate and accurate. The conclusive part makes the difference very clear, that the division which is created during the real elections whether between the voters or the various participant parties becomes permanent and the war and grudges are held like forever even after the election, on the other hand as soon as the student council elections are over all the rivalry ends very soon and once again whether its voters or participants return to their regular lives and friendship as if there was no such things even occurred and over a period of time all the rivals smile together as friends.

The most fun part of the page 5 was the article under the title “Friend-o-logy” in which the classification of one’s friend circle becomes very clear in one’s mind so due to presence of various types of friends in the friend circle like, the studious friend, gossip girl, foddie friend etc. It was amusing as well as knowledgeable. It was fun to read because while reading it one starts to automatically relate his or her friends in their mind to the various titles bringing a smile to one’s face. The article with the title “Kyuki hare k dog zaroori hota ha” mentioned the various traits of ones pet dig in elaboration with various well-known examples. The sub-headings like “I love my pet”, “Celebrating pet” etc. was very amusing. Once, done with the reading of the article, the idea of keeping a pet. Seems more fun and whenever you watch anybody with their dog or cat. You can easily start to wonder that in which category does this pet falls. Hence making it clear that the hard-work of the writer well-paid for as it adds a fun memory to the readers lives. Overall, it was a good read.