As the first batch of Amity School Of Engineering graduate this year, a checklist to make their stay memorable.

"Render your Madness, before the license expires!"

College life is a time, to be framed forever. Every bit of it is as tempting as love.You can be pathetic and still boast about your life in college, Cause you’re just a college lad, you’re actually expected to be – ‘AMATEUR’. Certified Madness is a bliss.Last year of college is when you know all about being a professional but your license of amateur hasn't expired yet. Live this last chance of being carefree, to be a freelance mad head. 
It’s your last year to be sinful yet forgiven. 

Here I give you a checklist to bliss - 

#1. Visit an exotic holiday destination with your friends.
Visit a total sophisticated ambience and fill it with your immaturity; let those college pass outs envy you. Strike the chord of freedom amidst the aroma of sophistication. Be a total FREAK!

 #2. Check out each and every attraction of your college town.
You just can’t afford to miss ANY (mind you), ANY attraction in the town. It’s like boarding a train and not looking outside the window. Spending 4 years at your college and not knowing the streets leading to it, SHAME ! All the delicious eatables , the ancient remains of the town , check em’ all.

#3. Trekking expedition
Trekking is not a sane person’s hobby. It’s like Jaan-hateli-pe-rakh-kar - you go and challenge the nature at its worst. But who cares, you are a college lad. It’s your last chance to be insane. No matter, what is your level of bravery; do it for the sake of it .Trust me, you won’t regret it. An angry darling is always sexy and so is the nature in trekking terrains.

 #4. Go on a DATE
Let loose and fall in love. Find a tolerable person and let coffee do the rest. I’m sure your infectious personality will make their heart swoon (that fuels you, doesn't it?) Everyone needs a story that they will never unfold. Now is the time.

#5. Funky Makeover.
For its college,  your time to be lawfully [‘crazy’]. Get a funky swag, colorful highlights, bob cut, grow algae or go bald but for the love of god ‘EXPERIMENT’. This is one phase of your life, where no one cares how crazy you are. Get all those nerdy specs, wear the neon boots. Look a total weirdo, be a certified Mess and you’ll treasure it forever.

#6. Follow your heart
The long forgotten hobby of yours needs to revive again. For once in your life, be true to yourself. Feed your hobby! It’s the time for the readers to read, players to play, Dancers to dance, singers to sing and sleepers to sleep. Obviously you are doing a professional course but it does also the time when you’re the master of your life without many responsibilities, why not live it in the way, you always wanted.

#7. Confess your love
It’s the last year, last 365 days to stalk your college crush. After a few months, they’ll no more be in your sight. It’s the time, you let it out. Confess the love and let the stigma end. If you don’t do it here, you won’t get to do it anywhere else.

#8. Forgiveness is bliss
Put all the overwhelming hatred to rest. Long forgotten freshman year buddies, those you had a fight with, need to be forgiven now. You can’t take the amateur fights of this world to the professional world. Forgive and escape the load of regret.

#9. Leave imprints
This is the year you’re going to leave your throne, you are the reigning batch. Don’t you want to leave some imprints on your throne? College canteen, your hangout spot, parking spot, any near to heart spot or the classroom bench you always slept on. Let the coming batches know you and your gang was here and you had a wonderful time.

#10. Let your asshole friends know you love them.
Your pack of wolves deserves a show of sentiments. Pour your heart out to all those who made your stay at college so wonderful. Cry, gift, hug; show the human side of your messy exterior. Because soon, you’ll be too big to cry!

What are you waiting for? I hope not Farewell. Set free & live it loud.

Written by

Yatti Soni

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