Review on page 11 & 12 of global times dated 27-January-2014:


Seminar on teachers by adolescents
Amity Institute of Education, New Delhi organized a day long Seminar on the theme "The Teachers in the Current and Future Scenario", at Amity Campus, Saket.
Over 36 teams participated in the Seminar from schools across Delhi/ NCR.
Dr. Ranjana Bhatia-Prof. & Principal, Amity Institute of Education, New Delhi was the guest of honour. highlighted the achievements of Amity Institute of Education, it students and faculty members.
Talking about the Seminar, she said that the Seminar aims to seek a perspective about what adolescents feel about their teachers, what do they expect from their teachers and what measures can be taken to strengthen the student-teacher bond.

Karate champs

Amity International School Lucknow organised the Amity Cup Karate Championship 2013 on November 23,  as per the guidelines laid by the World Karate Federation. 90 students from more than 10 schools participated in the mega event. The championship was inaugurated by Prakash Singh, retd DGP of Uttar Pradesh. Winner were awarded gold, silver and bronze medals.

Flying high with Japanese kites

Its thought that kites were first introduced into Japan by Buddhist missionaries who travelled from China in the Nara period. Both India and Japan have a long and wonderful tradition of kite flying, enjoyed by children and adults alike. Amity students enjoy kite exhibition at Japan Foundation. The Japanese kites are called ‘paper hawks’. In ancient days, they were used for communicating and sending messages. Japanese's celebrate their kites festival  on Boys Day - May 5th. While Indian kites are usually rhombus shaped, Japanese kites have various motifs like legendary warriors, heroes from children’s tales, birds, flowers, faces depicting emotions, etc. At the Japanese exhibition, the Amitians were also gifted six Japanese kites for the school.

Meeting Anushka Ravishankar

On November 25, 2013, an author’s session led by renowned writer Anushka Ravishankar was organised for students of Class V. With 17 children’s books to her credit,
Anushka Ravishankar has written more than twenty-five books for children, many of which have been published internationally and several of which have won international awards. Later, children joined in to sing songs from one of her other books. The session ended with a question answer round with the author.

Magic of Spic Macay

In an attempt to rejuvenate the cultural heritage of our country, SPICMACAY organized a programme of Indian Classical Music at Amity International School, Gurgaon on December 10, 2013.Among the musicians who mesmerised the audience with their soulful singing were Rajasthani folk singer Rehmat Khan Langa and master Zakir. The rendition of ‘Nimbooda’, ‘Mast kalandar’ and ‘Kesaria’ had everyone asking for more.

 Mr Minister goes to school

Less corruption, greater efficiency, faster decision making; these are some suggestions every Indian gives to our very dear netajis during the elections. But we present to you some slightly out of the box, wacky suggestions we have for our superstars in white that might just help them steal the show in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Stay away from jail
Seems pretty obvious? Not so much for our ‘Laloos’ now, is it? With several politicos being put behind bars, going to jail seems the latest fad in the community. Sure it doesn’t do much good to the glorious reputation they have built over the years. They should perhaps take a cue or two from our revolutionary freedom fighter Chandra Shekhar Azad who kept his pledge of not being captured alive. The irony here is that Azad steered cleared of jail for the love of his country and our present day netas do so for the love of I-me-myself! Probably, they could learn more than avoiding jail from him now?

Babuji ko bachao

Move over Rajinikant, ACP Pradyuman and Sir Jadeja jokes. The latest public figure to become the butt of jokes on social media is actor Alok Nath.
For the past day or so, Alok Nath has been trending on Twitter. What started as a simple joke snowballed and went thermonuclear as Tweeple all across India “kanya-daaned” their jokes to the veteran actor to get his “ashirwaad.” So we took the best tweets and made memes out of them.
Out of the many jokes doing the rounds on Twitter and Facebook, here are some extraordinarily hilarious ones:
1. When Alok Nath was born doctor said, “Badhai ho, babu ji hue hain.”
2. When you type #AlokNath on Google Search, ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ changes to ‘I’m Feeling Sanskari’.
3. Alok Nath has his own AIIMS - AlokNath Institute of Insaaniyat, Maanavta & Sanskaar.
4. Alok Nath went to Sunburn to do Surya Namaskar.
5. Aap was called tu before being blessed by Alok Nath.
...and many more.
So, for the actor who has lived with his ‘babuji’ roles, this funny uproar may have brought in some comic relief.

Confession of the Indian God
Hey Bhagwaan. Raam hi raakhe. And the most epic of them all - Oh, Jejus (Thanks Rakhi Sawant for giving us an all time hilarious line). These seem to be our favourite greetings before we present our beloved Indian God with our long list of demands/complaints. But there are some things He wants to tell us too. Here are some of them.
#Film flopped. Priya left Ram. Chunnu fell down. Why am I blamed? I have better things to do.
#For every shubh-aarambh, why do I only get ladoos and boondi? Why not red velvet cupcakes or chocolates?
#So you think I can be bought off with your 101 ka shagun? 100 mein toh hawaldar bhi nahi manta.
#Please understand, the jagratas are way past my curfew time.
#I will throw you in dirty water that stinks and then dance. I want you to know how I feel during those visarjans.
#“Bhagwaan sabka bhala karega!” But who will help me?
#Stop criticising Ekta Kapoor for too much melodrama. Crying in front of me for an hour because dhobi ne sari jala di?
#There are some things even God can’t do; helping Pappu pass without him having to study is one of them.
#Don’t believe those dhongi babas, they don’t have my BBM pin.
#Mata ka bulava nahi aaya? Should I WhatsApp you the invitation?
#They bathe me with oil and milk every saturday and still ask me to reduce their prices.
#You give me all kinds of bribery-ladoos, money; I am scared I will be AAP’s next target.