IPL- Sports Or Entertainment 


The Indian Premier League, the latest passion of the nation, has turned into a source of entertainment. It is not just a sporting event in the true spirit. For the past years IPL has generated tremendous interest in our country. It has successfully merged cricket with demands of the public and market. People enjoy the game because of the variety it offers, players from different countries constitute a team, involvement of all glamorous personalities which adds to the pleasure in watching the game. Earlier cricket lovers got the opportunity of watching the world cup series once in four years only. But now, IPL is providing the opportunity of watching competitive world cricket every year. The aim of IPL was initially to play cricket. But of late, it became a pure source of entertainment. Unlike One-day cricket and test matches, which at times become monotonous, IPL has turned out to be a three-hour entertainment like a movie. The IPL matches are so crisp that it attracts people from all age group. Also the paparazzi style reporting done by certain TV Channels and tabloids have made the IPL into something much more than cricket. Everybody appears to get recharged after the match. Despite the so many positives that could have come about from this potent mix, today the core product is losing out. There aren't too many Indian stars emerging from the ranks of the IPL teams, and while the IPL remains the flagship sports property for Indians, don't expect anything but hype at the mega-auction next year. It has become a melting pot of business, entertainment and politics - with athletes as an afterthought. This may or may not help the league in the long run, but as long as the product is successful, society will be going along with the game.

-By Sumit Kumar