I heard the words ‘Auto Expo’ first time from my friends. When they started talking about the Auto Expo 2013, they couldn’t stop themselves from admiring how good it is. So then I went back to my room to see if I can book tickets for whatever that show is. Unfortunately the last date had passed and it was over. So then I researched over it, i.e. Google it to find out what is it? I found this on Wikipedia: “The Auto Expo is an automotive show held in New Delhi, India. It is Asia's largest and the world's second-largest motor show”. The amazing cars & bikes in the pictures made me adamant to not miss the next installment of this show.

So when the tickets for the Auto Expo 2014 became available online I was quick to book a ticket. Eagerly waiting for the day I made a group to go along with to the India Expo Mart. Friday the 7th came and I was already filled with adrenalin with all the discussions going on around me. I left the campus around 11 am and to board the free bus to Greater Noida. After reaching there and taking my tickets from ticket booths, as I entered through gate 4 the first set of cars were of Maruti. They were not that amusing as I expected but then I entered the Chevrolet and the real journey started. The vintage car was breathtaking among other amazing looking sports car. I was in awe when I saw Harley Davidsons which is very rare to see on Indian roads. And also huge brands like Jaguar, BMW, Mercedes and Audi stood by their name and had some jaw-dropping cars at show. Other brands like Nissan, Tata, Mahindra, Honda, DC, Suzuki, Triumph and Volkswagen too had some very good looking cars at display. Thanks to one of my friends from mechanical branch who taught me a lot of new things about cars and bikes. Things that I heard name of for the first time in my life.

I would suggest everyone to go visit this show at least once in a lifetime because the journey would leave you speechless.

Md. Saif


Some Photos:-