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This section of Global times, pinpoint the major events of Amity International School over the recent past. This week, page is a seven articles collage and the most attention grabbing title of the page is
Night safari by Srishti Mishra: Night safari is an annual affair at AIS, Lucknow. Srishti defines 20 December, 2013 as a day full of fun and frolic for the students. Memorable night comprised of various fun events ranging from tug of war to school band’s enthusing performance. Dance and music got the crowd enthralled but she calls fashion show to be the real show stealer. Icing on the cake were the lip smacking snacks and desserts.

Ensue; we spot the bold highlighted column: “Amifiesta, in the words of editor– The vibrant extravaganza reflected the multicultural ethos of various nations, spreading the beauty of the world’s diversity. Event was organised by AIS Lucknow in November, 2013 with the motto of integrity, solidarity and fraternity. Event was graced by the presence of esteemed dignitaries, judges, teachers and the parents. Event comprised of national parade, mesmerizing dance performances, song rendition, classroom display with elegant charts, models, Informative PPT and files. Students brought up the national flavor by conversing in the national languages and also dressing up in national costumes.

Adjacently stood this Jingle bell size column about "Celebrating season of joy": Carols, chocolates, nativity play and yes! Santa Claus. AIS Lucknow celebrated Christmas in high spirits. Special assembly on love and tolerance. Students performed the nativity play, enthusiastically participated in a carol singing competition. Bhagirathi House acing the competition and Santa Claus being  the undisputed star of the day with gifts and the message of love and peace.

Overhead shines the title Annual day gala” subtitled as the celebrations spreading message of peace and harmony among nations with the theme of ‘vasudhaiva kutumbkam’ ; On November 29,2013,AIS Pushp Vihar witnessed this sensitizing event  glorified by the presence of reverend Dr(Mrs)Amita Chauhan, Chairperson, Amity Group of Schools ; Esteemed Chief guest ,Sujata Prasad, Joint Secretary and Financial advisor ,Government of India. Sport scholarships were also given to the deserving students. Columnist views the event as a grand success and a matter of appreciation by the dignitaries and parents.

Alluring her the way out of others upright  stand the “India’s karate Kid”  AIS  Mayur Vihar’s Shining star Ojaswi won a bronze medal in the prestigious 5th WFF World Karate Championship, Prague, Czech Republic held from November 29 to December 1, 2013.Blessed by  the sublime training of her Coach Jitesh Kumar , Ojaswi. after six year of her dedicated practice,  won the medal in individual free kumite in cadet category.
Side lining the page are the tiny tots of AIS Noida under the title “Tell me a tale! – Usher B Verma” December 16-17, 2013 has been a story telling riot for the toddlers. Through different moral stories narration, toddlers experienced a new and effective way of learning other than the conventional classroom learning. Event fostered their vocabulary, knowledge base and sentence formation.

Countering the toddlers are the class V students from AIS Noida celebrating theHuman Rights Day“ December 9-13,2013 week assembly took AIS Noida learning to a higher level as they learnt about Human Rights by joining World Human Right Day celebration across the world on December 10 with the display of catchy placards on –‘rights of a child’. Giving special mention to Nelson Mandela. The efforts were greatly appreciated by the principal and vice principal.

Page 12: Bag Pack

Alike bag pack, this page also compose a variety of items. Cocktailing in a page, we have A Rising star, Eagle-eye on groupies and GT travelling To Spain.

  • ·         United we standdivided we sit in our classrooms where a rainbow of groups of various          categories are so hard to miss? Says Riya Arora, AIS VAS 6.Tippy tippy tap, from which group you are? Prompts Riya Arora .She has come up with nine exuberant headers coupled with their theme songs.  
  1. Full on entertainment:  The group is all about FUN. Entertaining the class with their antics and unnecessary questions. All hail “We will. We will rock you!”
  2. Girly Girls:  School version of Alia Bhatt from Student of the Year – The girls got everything- perfect hair, flawless Mascara, shining lip gloss, yes! You got them right.
  3.  Sporty Jocks: First of their kind, sport enthusiasts choosing sports over academics, theme song for them: Hume sports ne kar diya deewana.
  4. Ice cream sundae: Perfect blend of sporty, nerd and drama is what this group stand for . Blending different flavours like an ice cream sundae twisting on the tune of –We’re all in this together”.
  5. Undercover Agents:   Exemplary lovers of diplomacy. Hyperactive in assignment submissions but laziest in spilling the beans.  We’re coming back to race, tell me if you ready can you take the pace?
  6. Bromantic: Song defines them the best “Yeh dosti, hum nahi todenge”.All boys gang together in everything. Carefree, exuberant, bromantic bunch of forever friends, miles away from school politics.
  7. Aunties: Bringing the Television gossip on the sets of classroom. With them, Daily soaps become the hot topics of debate. Aptly dedicated song: “Aunty ji, Aunty ji, get up and dance.”
  8. School musicians: Doubting your ears for you hear “disco deewane” in class.Stay assured! You have excellent ears. It’s the school musicians singing in background.
  9. Lonely:  “I am so lonely... I have nobody...”  Corner lovers of the class with the motto of –“walk alone, sit alone and enjoy alone.” 
1     Riya concludes her write-up with a mash up remix .Stating “Though different, they’re always ready to stand united for the class for the cause of fun and joy!”

  • ·         Rising tennis star
Shreya Parischa, an AIS Noida alumnus scales new heights overseas, thanks to her passion for tennis.A straight ‘A’ student at school, Shreya Parischa posted a six minutes tennis video of her practice sessions on YouTube. 12 hours later, three US universities responded with a firm 100% scholarship offers. Shreya chose Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU) in New Jersey for its impeccable tennis record and provisions. Shreya in her capacity has made a remarkable start to her collegiate tennis career.

  • ·         GT Travels to Spain
Featuring: Manhar Sharma, VII B & Shaurya Sharma, I B, AIS Mayur VIhar, pose with their copy of The Global Times in front of Plaza de Toros, Cadiz, Spain.

Written By
Yatti Soni