I bought a new phone, Samsung Galaxy Grand duos, this summer vacations. Well it was more like a gift from my parents to me as my last phone completed its 3 years tenure and was no more in a working condition. Some things are meant to be changed with time and that includes cell phones.

Last Phone’s Limitations

My last phone, Nokia E71, being a Nokia device did have an exceptional battery life and a very useful QWERTY keypad for typing. But the phone had a very small screen, which made watching videos not so interesting experience. It had a limited applications store (known as the ovi store) compared to the other enormous mobile stores like apple or android. I started having issues with software not working, and getting error messages. I went around in circles with Nokia Customer Service and never was able to get my issues resolved. Nokia’s customer service is horrible at best. The “free” navigation that Nokia provides never works. And the limited amount of software available is very disappointing.

New Phone’s Advantages

I have been using Samsung’s Galaxy Grand duos for a while now and I’m completely satisfied with the phone’s features. May it be the feather touchscreen (capacitive) or the dual sim mode, it’s just amazing. The battery backup is appreciable and so is the multi-touch feature. The android market has very vast majority of applications like scanning using mobile camera (camscanner), dictionary (online and offline), games, etc. The primary camera is 8 MP which gives a HD recording experience (1920x1080). Secondary camera is 2 MP which makes video conferencing or google hangouts possible with much clarity compared to other 3G phones. The processor, being a 1.2 GHz Dual Core, is very fast which prevents the phone from hanging when multiple processes run. The 5-inch wide screen is good for watching movies/videos in HD quality. With 8 GB internal memory and 1 GB RAM the applications runs much faster. Other important features are pre-loaded like Google, Gmail, YouTube, Google Talk, Picasa, and Instant Messaging.

By going through the specifications itself I was amazed at the level of advancement in the technology.

Effect of Mobile Advertising for Consumer Packaged Goods Industry

According to a survey, the most popular activity among mobile users is mobile web search. 9 in 10 of mobile users conduct searches on their mobile handsets - France (94%), the U.S. (93%) and the UK (93%). Mobile usage was also popular among email, maps/directions, social networking, video and gaming. Of significance, the study also revealed that consumers using the top mobile operating systems (e.g. Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows Phone), do not exhibit any meaningful differences in consumer behavior.

A Research: Some authors conducted a mobile advertising campaign with a follow-up survey to analyze the effects of mobile advertising upon consumers' memory using the most common memory values: recall and recognition. An experimental field study using two different mobile advertising text message designs was carried out. The first textual design focused on monetary aspects, whereas the second textual design focused on a celebrity endorser. The results of the study indicate that mobile advertising has an overall high positive effect on consumers' memory. Regarding recall, there are no significant differences between the subjects who received either of the aforementioned mobile advertising designs. In contrast, significantly more subjects were able to recognize the mobile advert featuring the textual design which focused on a celebrity endorser. Furthermore, we discovered that consumer recognition as a result of mobile advertising has a significant impact upon consumers' behavioral purchase intention.