Friday 30 December 2016

Dear Friends

As I am launching the Mission to impart Skills that I learnt while teaching you...
I need your Support the same way it remained with me at #AmityUniversity

UniSkills School of Skill Development, Kurukshetra (Haryana) INDIA
is not is YOURS!
Let's Change the World towards Goodness and Skills!


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Tuesday 6 October 2015

Communication Skills is not about doing a course or appearing in an exam and getting good grades on the certificates.It is something which has more permanence than other things. It remains with you if you want to keep it along. Most of us want to make sense and wish that we are remembered as a No-NonSense person. Communication Skills is that tool which serves this purpose of 'Making Sense' in our Listening-Speaking-Reading-Writing.

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Friday 12 June 2015

Undoubtedly, books play an important role in everyone’s life. Books can be considered as a collection of knowledge that can be used for developing the society in a better manner. In Stone Age, people use crafting on walls of cave to store knowledge they learn soon they find it’s not a better way so they start writing on leaves bark of trees like you have seen student writing love letter on leaves of tree in “Mohabatein” movie but these leaves decompose over time. So, finally paper was invented and books are hand written by the writer so it is very less in number as there is technological revolution all around the world, printing press have been invented too print the books in bulk. At present, we can find more than million copy of single book available on every bookstore but now a days there is a new trend named eBook. The books are not available in more than 100+ varieties that includes gloss paper books, paperback books, hardboard books, black and white printed books, color printed books etc. However, books can also be categorized on the basis of the content present in them for instance horror stories books like vampire dairies, action comics like Iron man, Nag raj etc., infant learning books etc. In rural areas, one cannot found a huge variety of books as there are very less number of book selling shops as the number of schools and rural areas have less development field so there are neither many libraries nor many bookstore while in the urban areas there are many bookstore even there are certain cities famous for their coaching classes all over the India like Kota is famous for IIT all over the India.

There is technological advancement in every field of life so it has led to eBook trend in modern era. EBook is digital version of a book. As thousands of trees are cut down to produce paper for books and other purposes this has led to an environmental hazard. EBook provides us an advantage that is can be used by anyone having a mobile. We don’t need to carry a 900 page book while travelling it can be put in few MB’s of your phone. One can carry any number of books. EBooks are cheap than the printed books and delivered instantaneously. Most of you have heard about the app Kindle that is an eBook reader app owned by Amazon now they have launched their tab also which feels like a book page.

Government has provide certain regulation that need to be followed by publishers. A person should register with the government to open its publication. A writer with his story goes to publisher and it the publisher like the story it will be printed and some part of the amount will be given to the author on every book the publisher sells. The government has also set on importing of printing press machines and importing, exporting books out of country. Government also provide award to best writers. The books industry has provided jobs to many people like publishers and they need a staff to manage the printing press furthermore authors, repairmen and delivery person for delivering books.

The merits of books is that they are full of knowledge if you are not sure about anything it can be found in book from a cooking recipe to making a car or airplane. Books fulfil the emptiness in one’s life for instance people can read books in metro for passing their time. They tell you about the various aspects of society that you don’t know like the book “Red light Area” depicts the story of a call girl to the whole world. Some good author books can also be used to increase your vocabulary. The demerits of books is that they are not graded like movies so a teenager can over some picture that he should not be seeing. Moreover, now a days everyone is writing a book so it is not sure which book one should read or not. All of us have heard that famous dialog that a book cannot be judged by its cover.

Concisely, Books are very important in everyone for both academic and personality development point of view. However, technology for books have changed over a period from Stone Age to present day but the knowledge is always preserved in them.     

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Tuesday 14 April 2015

Humor - CS6

More presentations from sandy

Presentation by:
Love Mishra
Mohammad Saif
Sandeep Singh
Sumit Kumar

Download here:

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Monday 13 April 2015

Group presentation on social etiquette

Submitted by-
Kunjika agarwal
Swati Kaushik
Rishabh Saxena
Ruturaj sahane.

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Sunday 12 April 2015

It may seem like a simple formality, but sending a thank-you note after a job interview can mean the difference between getting the job and going back to square one.
"I can tell you that only about 20 percent of the candidates send one — and it really brings those candidates to the top of the pile," said Lori Kleiman, a human resources consultant.
But thank-you notes are more than just a polite way to let your interviewer know you appreciate his or her time. If you write your thank-you note the right way, you can use it to reiterate why you're the best fit for the job. In your thank-you note, you can answer questions your interviewer asked that you think you didn't address adequately, make a personal connection with the interviewer and more.
And even if you don't get the job this time, sending a thank-you note means that you keep doors open for the future. 
 "Remember that this may go into your personnel file at the employer, and that even if you are not the first choice for the position, you may get a call about a similar position or if the first choice does not work out," said Linda Carlson, author and owner of small business consulting company Barrett Street Productions.
So how do you write the perfect thank-you note? Follow these 15 expert tips for making sure your thank-you note is successful in every situation.
Don't write it ahead of time: Do not prewrite the thank-you note before the interview. Instead write it then and there.
Take notes: Be sure to take notes during the interview so that you can personalize the thank-you note. Include a tidbit from your conversation that you know will help the interviewer remember who you are, and use the thank-you note to remind the interviewer why you are a good fit for the position.
Tailor it to the company's culture: Consider the individual interviewer and the company culture before sending your messages. A more traditional organization may prefer a handwritten letter while a technology start-up may expect an email immediately.
Cover your bases: In today's market, send both [an email and a mailed note]. The email gets there fast, in case the employer is making a decision right away. The snail-mail thank-you letter leaves a lasting impression that lingers longer.
Make it personal: Mention something that the interviewer spoke about personally that was important to them (fishing, golf, kids, etc.) and possibly some of the business initiatives that they brought up. It makes the note more meaningful.
Show your value: Don't just thank your interviewer for the time they spent. Provide additional value by giving more details about why the employer should hire you.
Include relevant content: Sending a link to an article, video or podcast that complements the interview conversation impresses many interviewers.
Attach your résumé: Be sure to express your interest in being considered for the specific position you interviewed for. Your letter should convey enthusiasm, intelligence and professionalism. Lastly, attach a copy of your résumé.
Slip in your business card: Immediately after any meeting, our best practice is to send a personalized thank-you email to every person you met with. Following that, write a thank-you card, stick your business card inside and send it out as soon as possible.
Fix any interview mistakes: Admit to an imperfection.
Say what you wish you'd said: Many candidates report that after they leave the interview, they think of all the other things they could have said during the meeting. Rather than labeling this a liability, turn it into an asset by discussing these points in the thank-you letter, and remind the reader of your ability to produce similar results for their organization.
Act like you already got the job: Start working before you even get hired. Do not just say, 'Thanks for your time.' Everyone says that. Your goal is to stand out and be unique while showing your value.
Use it to follow up: For example: 'Thank you again for interviewing me for the position. I realize you have probably decided to go with another candidate. While I am naturally disappointed, I do appreciate having had the opportunity to interview and look forward to seeing you in the future. Best wishes.'
Use it to soften rejection: If you don't want the job, still send a thank-you note. Let them know why you're declining the job and what job would be a good fit. Things could change, and they might refer you to someone else.
Embedded below, is a digital presentation of the same -


Blooty Chadha & Yatti Soni

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Tuesday 31 March 2015

Undoubtedly, Cricket is one of the most famous game in India. ICC Cricket World Cup was first started in June 7, 1975 since then India had won world cup twice. Once in 1983 and other was in 2011. The performance of Indian team is very much appreciable for past few years. Under the captaincy of M.S. Dhoni, team India has won the ICC World Cup in 2011 and T20 World Cup. There are 2 pools – Pool A and Pool B in World Cup. India team was in Pool B. The team was expected to bring ICC World Cup trophy this time to country. The surety of this thing can be seen with the videos on YouTube and status “#WeWontGiveItBack”.

First match of India was with Pakistan. This is never just a match it was far beyond that as the current affairs of both countries on the disputed area of Kashmir. It is also supposed that most of the terrorist activities in India has been planned and funded by officials of Pakistan. Indian team won the match by 76 runs. Second match of India was with South Africa which again won by India with a difference of 130 runs. India won the third match within 18.5 overs by 9 wickets. Every match that Indian team made every Indian much sure that this time World Cup is ours. India didn’t lose a single match of 7 matches to reach semi-final.

India is in semifinal and 2 more matches to be third time ICC World Cup Champions. India match for semi-final is with Australia. India has lost many matches with Australia. According to Wikipedia, total 90 matches has been played since 1948 out of which India won 24 and 26 draw matches. If India won this match, they have to play with New Zealand in Finals. This match is more worth than final for India. Team India has won all 7 matches till semi-final whereas Australia has lost one match earlier. I personally don’t like watching cricket matches. I also don’t know much about cricket but what caught my attention was that in my 3 year college till now our whole batch never had a successful bunk. Being a working day, none of us attended a single class whole class was on mass bunk and celebrating that day as a public holiday not only our batch was on bunk many other batches were doing the same. In almost every block, you can find many students watching cricket matches, auditorium were full even students were sitting on floor just to watch that semifinal match. Even more, all of my friend altogether came to my pg to watch match on TV. I joined my friends to enjoy their company. Australia gave a score of 328 runs with a loss of 7 wickets. As the batting of Indian team started, there is lot of sounds of enjoyment on every ball that crosses the boundary of stadium. With the first wicket down there was an environment of growing tension. Soon after the wicket of Virat Kohli just on 1 run half of my friend left the hope that India can won now and after the wicket of M.S.Dhoni we can even saw people leaving the stadium. Even India didn't lost the match yet we were receiving troll message of team India like they had already lost the match. Finally, India lost the match with 95 runs and losing all wickets in 46.5 overs.

Now, the biggest question arises whom to blame?? Everyone was upset. My friends who had a fight yesterday are now hugging each other and saying we will get it next time. Many people said that presence of Actress Anushka Sharma made the performance of Virat Kohli drastic. Second general theory match was fixed. Many people still congratulating team India for their efforts for being semi-finalists and encouraging them by saying that today is not a good day for you. However, some people also enjoyed this loss of Indian team one of these people is famous director Ram Gopal Verma. Even I didn’t like cricket so much but if we won it’s a pride for every Indian citizen. This world cup taught me that cricket is not just a game, it can unite every Indian despite their interest or not. 

Deepansh Pandey 

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Sunday 29 March 2015

The concept of grading in education system was first started in European Countries which was later adopted by other countries. Now-a-days it is followed almost everywhere. The grading system is divided into 3 grades – primary, intermediate and secondary grades. The primary grade is from 1 to 5 including kindergarten. The teacher in primary has few hours of teaching experience and there are 3 to 4 hour of classes. Similarly, the intermediate grade have 6 to 8 grade also known as junior high school. The secondary grade start from 9 to 12 grade shaving subject specialist taking lectures of 50 minutes and providing 10 minutes to move from one class to another. According to me, the grading system has some disadvantages. Some are them are described in the upcoming paragraph.

Generally, there is a minimum age to get admission in first grade according to graded standard. In United States it is 6 years. The children have to wait till they become 6 year old to get admission irrespective of their learning capacity. Most of the student start to learn at the age of 4 or 5. This system waste an important learning phase of children life.

Moreover, the children have to repeat a whole year if he is not capable to pass the standards of next grade. The children have to pass all subjects with minimum number of marks. For instance after getting 100 in Math the student can repeat a whole year if he gets fail in any other subject. This system bounds them to study all subjects irrespective of their interest. Sometimes, repeating a whole year lead to mental breakdown of many students which results in depression or by committing suicide by student. This also waste one year of student life.

Furthermore, the children are put together irrespective of their learning skills. The children are put together in a group which leads to lack of teacher concentration on every student. The mistake of few students are never noticed by teachers. Being in a group, intelligent students have to wait for new things to be presented before them whereas for other students was unable to understand the new thing as they have not completely understand the previous one.

In brief, the grading in education system lack individual teaching, overwhelming graded standards lead to wastage of sufficient time of student life. However, the grading system provides competition and prepare children from their early age of life. Grading system officials can make this system more interesting by allowing children to choose their own field of interest.  

Deepansh Pandey 

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Thursday 19 March 2015

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Tuesday 17 March 2015

Cars are considered to be symbol of luxury for past few years, having a car means the person is rich. After few years, there will be fewer cars because of the increasing cost of non-renewable resources such as petrol and diesel. Driving a car will be too expensive in future years for middle class people. Another aspect of car is that people will become unhappy with time waiting in traffic or finding parking places.

Reduced numbers of cars in future will be possible because of the rising prices of non-renewable resource making it impossible for middle class to drive a car. Another aspect is that people have to spend an adequate amount of their daily time in traffic jams and searching for parking places has become a headache for most of the people. We can also think of public transportation as a better medium for people because it helps them in better time usage. They can read book, listen to music, talk on phone and can spend more time with friends which help them building better personal and professional relationship. People are also getting more aware about the environment pollution created by using car and their adverse effect on health. Instead of using a car from home, walking to public transport make people do a bit of exercise influencing their health.

Having less number of cars is beneficial for both environment and people but it seems not possible as nowadays having a car depicts your status in society. The mentality of person is materialistic so buying a car is needed for being a materialistic person. Another facet is that new cars instead of using traditional resources, deriving their energy consumption through renewable energy sources which make cost of driving a car less expensive in future. At some places, public transportation is not available due to which unwillingly people have to use their own cars as means of transportation. Many times public transportation system time table doesn't seem matching with everyone daily routine especially for night shift people. Most importantly, the government doesn't want to spend much on public transport. The condition of roadways buses is worse. That’s why people prefer to travel by their own cars for a comfortable ride. Young generation is passionate about driving car making the road risky for themselves and other on road.

In my opinion the numbers of cars cannot be reduced as the mentality of people is “materialistic” making it necessary for everyone to have a car, changing technology making cars less expensive like Nano making possible for everyone to have car and lack of government funding for development of public transport system.

Deepansh Pandey

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