REVIEW (9, 10)
At the beginning there was a Para by a student named Ashmit Bharatwaj  he tried to twist the old story of the tortoise and the rabbit by introducing a rocket booster in the story to win the race .
On the next Para there was a tasty recipe on how to make fresh fruit yogurt, which I felt was a nice way to share his information.
In the middle there was an interview about the girl named Gaurika Mehal
After that there was the painting corner which contained beautiful imagination and the painting of a village.
After that there was a poem My Stylish Granny.
The next page started with the New Year resolution taken by little amies to ring in the new year with good cheer through Hans on activities like discussion, arts and craft.
The activities perform boy the students were circle time, resolution galore and getting crafty.
 They also took some resolution like the will plant more tree and contribute to the society.

At last there was an adv. on AMITY preschool “amion” , depicting kids having fun in the playground  which is ranked among top 5 playschool