Review on page 7 & 8 of global times dated 13-January-2014:

While reading the global times, when I saw calendar published on page 7 for the year 2014. I thought that having looking at digital calendar in mobiles & everywhere, the importance of a real calendar(a published one) has really been ignored ever since, and how they used to be of importance in planning the days or events in one’s life. But it is because compared to the digitised calendars as they say the published ones are kind of NOT interesting. The digital ones have so many features, you can add a note, an alarm or a birthday reminder but still back in the old days marking the dates by hand, writing things to be done or what not. But simply having the holidays written on it and dates mentioned on simply makes the real calendar less lucrative. But the authors of global times still succeeded in getting my attention by adding icons and slogans to the important dates. Example, for the holiday of 26 January they did not simply write Republic Day but added a colourful flag icon and a slogan that made the same old thing interesting for me and made me want to use a real published calendar. However, I feel like more interesting things could have been done like, they have given real emphasis on the important events but there is no separate table with all the holidays mentioned month wise. The holidays could have been published in different font size so as to make them more eye catching. So it was well published but with the above changes mentioned it could have been better.

The page 8 of the global times published on Monday, January 13, 2014 had many interesting concepts but what I liked and appreciated the most was the poem “she can change the world” and “women are not toys”. They were simple and yet the reader can easily understand the thoughts of the writer and appreciate it as well. In the poem, the exact mindset if our society had been indicated like how the parents want to make their girls independent and successful but somewhere due to the mindset maybe they want them to be able to change the mindset of the people where women are oppressed and even a successful woman is still not given her share of credit just because she was born a woman. The thought that the people of the society do not let a girl live according to her own will just because they have a image according to which one girl is supposed to be like this makes one wonder that despite being in the 21st century and such a modernised world maybe our mindsets still haven’t changed from old times. The real life examples can be seen even in our society. Parents want their daughter to be successful but everything in the lives of a girl is put to a halt when one is married just because one is on the mercy of the others according to our society. So, our society needs to rethink that whether they have been modernised to the core of the heart or it is just the same old thoughts hidden under layers of modern civilisation.
I also liked the article “bond forever”, although I thing adding a slogan was more apt as a heading line, because it gives off the right impression. The thoughts of two people from different cultures relating and finding common grounds alone is fascinating and can feel that via the thoughts of the writer while reading it, although adding a little bit thoughts of the other party would have helped to relate a great deal, and would have made the article more interesting.
All of the content on page 8 made sense as it had a mind boggling poem to the sharing of a person’s thought on living with student from another culture, or the camera capers, which will want the photographer in one to pick up the camera in one or the mind teaser Sudoku, the same old way to exercise ones brain or the recipe which one would want to try on being hungry. All of these different sections will definitely make the reader satisfied in more than one way as one will be disappointed whether it’s an artist or a person who likes to ponder on deep social and ethical issues of the world. It will give everyone a bit of their entertainment and knowledge.