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This article covers about the much awaited convocation of AUUP was a three day extravaganza awarded degrees and diplomas to 9000 successfully qualified grandaunds.
                                 This procession began with trustees of the board, senior members of the management accompanied by
Mr Atul Chauhan.  Dr Ashok K. Chauhan founder president inspired students to achieve new heights by calling `The Three A`s (Amity`s Amazing Achievers).He told them about `success by compulsion` through confidence. He awarded many degrees for the beloved guests.

Guest lecture in ASCO, MP by MS Leela Samson

In this article Amity school of communication, Madhya Pradesh invited Leela Samson, chairperson of, central board of film certification for a stimulating guest lecture on `Statuary body CBSC`  its duties &responsibilities on November 12 2013.the lighting of lamp ceremony open speech by Lt Gen V K Sharma who said that CBFC shoulders an obligation to discharge as films impact on society majorly.


This article covers in accordance with the literary societies of Amity school of engineering and Technology. This event was presided over by Disha chabra, the author of bestselling book “My Beloved`s MBA plans”. She gave a presentation on what a student should keep in mind when at the crossroads of career. She asked them not to lose sight of their dreams while pursuing career.

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This article covers about the various reasons for the various names of Lord Ganesh.
Lord Ganesh is described as the one with a beautiful face and gigantic elephant ears is big bellied and one toothed; bears the moon in his head, demolishes evils and is worshiped as protector of mankind. 
This majestic god has 108 auspicious names and these names has a wisdom tale behind it. Some of these stories are given below:

GANAPATHI-Remover of obstacles

Shri Ganesh is given prime important among the panchdevas .for the successful completion of any auspicious occasion, the twelve names of Lord Ganesh are pronounced and praised. They are Sumukh, Ekadanta, Kapil, Gajkarna, Lambodar, Vikat, Vighna-nashan, Vinayak, Dhumraketu, Gajanan and Bhalachandra.

Ekadanta-the ONE-tusked God

Among the many stories narrated, one says it was parshuram who broke Lord Ganesh’s tusk it so happened that one day Lord Shiva gone into deep meditation and had instructed his little son, Ganesh, to see it that nobody disturbed him. When parshuram came to visit lord Shiva, lord ganapathi, going by what he was told, refused to even pass on the message. Parshuram became extremely angry at this and broke his tusk.

Gajanan- The Elephant God

Lord Ganesh is also known by the name of Gajanana because his face is that of an elephant. Half of his body is that of a human being .His small Elephant eyes convey the meaning of critical eyesight, Long ears convey that he is capable of listening to everything.