29 States of India

According to constitution of India, India is a Union of States. It has been not described as a federation of states like the United States of America or the commonwealth of Independent States. During the British period we had provinces and the princely states. All being subordinate to the viceroy and the Governor-General ruling from Delhi. Before the advent of the British rule, India was badly divided. Successive invaders conquered and ruled the different regions and parts of the subcontinent. Thus, India got a federal pattern with a strong unitary bias.
At present India has already 29 States and 7 Union Territory of world second largest democracy. It is noticeable that demand for new states is not going to end with Telangana. Proposal of nine new states are already still pending with the Central Government. More the number of states, more the number of problems. Central government should not approve such proposals. I think that India should remain as it was and the government should focus on the major problems that are faced daily by a common man.
The Congress agreed to create Telangana in the hope that it would be able to secure most of that regions 17 parliamentary seats in the next election, either directly or through an alliance with the local political party that has led the agitation for new statehood.
More states means more portfolios, more departments, more Headquarters, more government machinery, more misuse of resources and on top of everything, more funds to fiddle with at will. No politician is interested in the development and welfare of the masses. Everybody has a personal purpose to grind. Politically, it will be a constant source of trouble due to political instability and secessionist tendencies. To tackle this situation we need a strong administration which look after the people well and tries to address their problems. Mere creation of new States is only an attempt of diverting the attention from the real issue like poverty, inflation, unemployment and unrest.
At the last I would like to say it’s just a mind diverting incidence created so that they could sail ot through upcoming elections and nothing more than that.

Ruturaj Sahane