Are we still under British rule ? - By  Santiago

People think that the policy that British played to divide us and rule us was long gone. But is it really gone?
 Things have changed a lot form 1947 . Earlier we were ruled by the queen and now we are being ruled by our own prince and princess.  Our royal majesty recently decided to give us a gift of a new born 29th state. The state that was Divided and will be soon under the rule of a new royal highness . The question always arises inside our mind
Why do we need a 29th state?
According to the government , If we divide a Big room into two small rooms then it’s get easy to manage them. Different funds can be put into them for their advancement. It is easy to clean them and would provide more jobs as more Manpower would be need for the setup of the new government .
I don’t think that things are so simple. You are not only dividing states but also the people living in them. Indirectly you are just creating a belief of discrimination.
“ That’s my state , These are my states resources, My state people.....”
These things can never end until you consider India as a whole and work towards solidifying its position.
Government only wants to divide state on communal basis and fill their vote banks. If we have multiple states then parties will have more chances of winning. I truthfully think that we only need a UNIFIED INDIA.