THE 29th STATE        

Every activity has its own impact both positive and negative,so did the division of a state also.As we all know there were 28 states in our country before the division , But the division is now done to 29 states . The government did this so that the whole state when divide into two parts can be looked upon with more care and more resources etc can be distributed and provided to more and more peoples in remote areas also . Government of India took this decision but looked upon many negative aspects of this decision which created 29th state and division between the peoples between the peoples on the name of state . Another boundary is now been created , Which directly effect the unity and power of the country .I don't want to challenge the decision of the Indian government at all as their is positive impact but we can also not ignore its negative impacts also as the whole country have to be worked as the whole and to be taken with equality with hand-in-hand.