Student coordinator
Amity School Of Engineering
Amity University
Uttar Pradesh
21 July 2013
The HOI 
Amity Youth Fest 2014 
Amity University 
Noida Uttar Pradesh 
Subject: Proposal For Events During Amity Youth Fest 2014
Engineering life is full of exciting events, none more so than the yearly technical and  cultural fests organized by colleges across the nation every year. Every student should  experience this organization process at least once during the course of their undergraduate  studies.As a Student Co-ordinator of Amity Youth Festival (AYF), 2014, I would like to propose  some changes in this Youth Festival. Our Youth Festival will be conducted in the last week of  january as per the given schedule. I would to organize some technical and cultural programmes  in this festival. Both the cultural as well as technical events should be encouraged  enthusiastically.Few weeks ago I talked to the class representatives and various students from  different streams and different courses. They put forward various suggestions about the events  in which students showed their interest to be organize during the fest.  I worked on the suggestions and shortlisted some of the events which are as follows:-
1.)TechnoFizZ (Technical Quiz) RULES  
• Group of 2 students from each college. 
• Maximum of 10 groups on the basis of first come first serve criteria.  
• Judges decision will be a final and binding to all the teams.  
• There will be 5 rounds. 
Ø Latest technology  
Ø Space technology  
Ø Basic programming(C\C++)  
Ø Basic electrical and electronics  
Ø Rapid fire round (mix topics)  
• Time to answer in first 4 rounds will be 20 sec each.  
• Last round will be a rapid fire round of 40 sec.  
• No passing of questions to other team will be allowed.  
• Teams having maximum points at last will be considered as winner.  CASH PRIZE  
• First Prize : Rs.3000/-  • Second Prize : Rs.2000/-  2.)Battle of Bands(Rock Show)  RULES 
• No. of participants 4-8 (maximum of 1 teams per college). 
• Duration of sequence- 20 minutes (5min setup and sound check, 15min performance)  (Negative points on exceeding the time limit). 
• Bands must submit sound clip link (original or cover). Bands will be shortlisted on the basis of their submissions. 
• No pre-recorded vocals will be allowed.
• The sound clip/video should be uploded either on Sound Clip) or a  Facebook link can be attached. in addition a band profile link submitted as well. • Participants have to report 45 minutes prior to the event. 
• Judge's decision will be final and binding upon all the participating teams. CASH PRIZE • First Prize : Rs.10000/- 
• Second Prize : Rs.5000/- 3.) Do re mi(Solo Singing) RULES 
• No. of participants per college – 2
• Accompanist allowed from the same college ( 1 accompanist with 1 participant) 
• Duration of sequence – 2 to 4 minutes (Negative points on exceeding the time limit). 
• Participants can perform on both Hindi and English songs. 
• Participants have to report 30 minutes prior to the event. 
• Judge's decision will be final and binding upon all the participating teams. CASH PRIZE
• First Prize : Rs.2500/- • Second Prize : Rs.1000/- 
4.) NEED FOR SPEED: MOST WANTED Entry Fee: 50/participant RULES 
• The initial stages of the competition will be of 4-way or 5-way race. First two to  cross the finish line will advance to next round. 
• The semis and finals will be of knockout type with winner proceeding to next round  
• Each participant of a race will be provided with same saved profile to select a car  and tune it.  
• Tracks will be decided on the spot. • Students are expected to reach the venue one hour before the event starts. • Use of unfair means will lead to disqualification of the team. 
• Registration closes 30 minutes before the commencement of the event. 
• Judges’ decision will be final and binding upon all the participating teams.  CASH PRIZE 
• First Prize : Rs.1500/- + 60% of Total Money Collected 
• Second Prize : Rs.1000/- + 40% of Total Money Collected 5.) RANG MANCH(Street Play) DETAILS 
• Maximum number of teams per college : 
• Number of members in each team : 8-15 
• Time duration : 10-18 minutes 
• Maximum number of teams :8 teams RULES 
• Medium of communication can be Hindi or English.
• Only original script will be accepted. 
• Use of instruments such as dholak, thali, nagada, chuni etc is encouraged. No other  prop will be allowed. 
• Entry is strictly on first come first serve bases. 
• Decision of the judges shall be final and binding upon all. CASH PRIZE
• First Prize : Rs.10000/ 
• Second Prize : Rs.5000/ The above listed events are the ones recommended the most by the students. Apart from all  this, the organization of any event of this kind tests the organizational and leadership  abilities of all the people involved. Many valuable lessons on time management and even more  important lessons on people management are taught and we have to learn them quickly if the  fest is to succeed. Put an end to in fighting and petty disagreements and work together as  team to achieve the goals you set for yourself and the event will be a roaring success. The  culmination of any successful event such as this is always bittersweet, you are happy for the  success of the event, but at the same time, you are sad to see it end. So, I request you to kindly pay heed to the proposal and encourage us by approving our request  to organize the events suggested above. The approval will work as a motivation to the students  who are very enthusiastic about the fest.  
Yours Faithfully 
Vigya Goel