E-1 Block, Room No-G10                                                                   B-52/117, Sector-6, Rohini
Amity University                                                                                Delhi-110085
Sector-125, Noida                                                                               21/07/2013
The Director
Dear Sir,
It is my humble request that we  get permission to organise this year's Amity Youth Fest. As the senior students this year, we have decided to organise and manage the fest for the university.This is a brief plan of how is the arrangement and order of things going to be.

The fest will be held for three days. The first day will be commenced by the inaguration of the fest by the whole body of our most respected HOD's and HOI's.That will take half of the total time, the rest of the day will be occupied for the registration of the events of the fest.
The second day will begin by various events held across the campus and the ground. The events will include different activities from the field of engineering, business, management, arts, and sports. Events will be organised by departments like CSE, Mechanical, Civil, Biotech, Electrical, Electronics, Business school, Management school, Hotel Management, Fashion Technology , Language school, Singing group, Dancing group, Drama group, Sports department, etc. This will continue for half day. In the second half of the day will see the main events of the second day. First a free for all GK  quiz will be held. Participation will be free. Then the day will end by a cultural dance drama organised by the drama group. The third day will begin by the completion of the events started the day before. Then the final day will be concluded by a star night. We have not yet decided whome should be invited. Yet i assure you that we will invite someone who will be able to match the standard and the budget of the university. So i kindly request that you please give us opportunity to organise this year's Amity Youth Fest
Yours Sincerely
Akshay Kumar Das