The Director
Amity School of Engineering
B-Block, Sector 125
Noida, (U.P.)

22 December 2014
Subject: .Suggestions for improvement in conduction of Amity Youth Fest”14
Being the student coordinator of amity youth fest'14, I would like to add my suggestion for conducting The Amity Youth Fest in better and Organised way. Since our college has its own brand name in Global. The fest should have some class. I have gained a lot of insights from past fests. I think in the most of the cases there is some communication gap between the student council and the management team of the college.
Website looks dull. Being a computer science student, I can say it could be improved a lot. Our website should be powerful so that it can leave a strong message about the upcoming fest in the mind of users. There is a lack of organised team in the council.
Everything should be done in such a organised way that nobody can say anything wrong about organising committee.
Regarding the publicity, it should be done in such a way that students of other colleges also come to know about our college fest. We can take help of nukkad natak to publicize our college fest. College ambassador program can be organised to publicize about our event in other colleges. Facebook and twitter contests can also help us to publicize about the fest among youth.

Hope, now you are aware of our suggestions and views for improvement in the conduction of the fest. We’ll be pleased if we can work over the suggestions written above.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

Samkit Sharma
(Student coordinator)
B.Tech(CSE) 3A
X Batch (2012-2016)
Enrollment No: A12405212020