Dr. Ajay Rana,
Head of Institute,
Amity School Of Engineering,
Noida, U.P

Date : 21st July,2013

Subject :- Suggesting Some Events For AYF , 2014

As a student coordinator of Amity youth fest 2014 helding from 27th to 30th of March, I am proposing some events for this year Amity Youth Fest. Considering today’s youth, I have prepared a list of events for the fest.

For recreation there should be events like Favorite Dj, Musical Hunt.. Events like Painting, Debating, Poetry, Stage Plays should be conduct to take the level of fun to a higher level among the students. Being a Computer Science and Engineering Student, I formostly suggest you to conduct technical events on Programming skills like Programmer Of The Year (based on C, C++, Java languages). Computer Gaming should also be a part of Amity Youth Fest which could be done on games like Fifa, Counter Strike, Need For Speed.

Kindly go through these events, which together would really be beneficial for Amity Youth Fest and surely would add a lot of fun.

Yours Sincerely,
Prashant Kumar
Student Coordinator
C.S.E (ASE) – 3A