Mr. Ajay Rana
The Head of the institution
Amity School of engineering

Subject:- proposal of new events for amity youth fest 2014

I Annu kumari,Being student coordinator i would like to propose 10 to 13 February as the duration of the fest. Some cultural and technical events should be organised during Amity youth fest 2014. Considering the opinion of the ASE student & ideas from the past fest conducted. Here i am suggesting some new events..

As regards technical events the student would love to have a competition of various pc game . we would like to have an event in which there is an competition in which one has to make robot for different purposes. With the advent of technological advancement, there is a need to introduce some technical games. This event will help to bring new ideas to the fore, to raise the bar to where it has never been before, robot war will give new & surprising challenge.
And for the cultural events we would like to organise the dance competition for the student who is interested in dancing. We can organise dance in two ways. One is for individual dance & second is for group dance. In cultural events singing competition, painting competition should also be organised.

So,i request you to kindly pay heed to the proposal & encourage us by approving our request to organise the events suggested above. The approval will work as a motivation to the students.

Thanking you inanticipation
Your sincerely, 
Annu kumari 
student co-odinator