Dr.Ajay Rana,
Head of Institute,
Amity School Of Engineering,

8th December,2013

Subject :-Events For Amity Youth Fest , 2014

Being the student coordinator of AYF, 2014 , here I propose fourth to sixth of March as the duration of the fest .After considering the views of the students ,I have summed up a list of proposed events for the fest.

Firstly, I intend to mark the onset of the fest by presenting a Nukkad Natak  giving the impression of what we plan for this year’s fest. The nukkad natak would be a great start for the
Fest.This natak would be like an index to our offerings.Then coming to the other events,I wish to make this big and thus wants to organise a Rock Band Competition , a highlighter to our institute.Also some feeding for the geeks , a Workshop on Computer Science ,new advancements and scopes. A Backyard Treasure Hunt for the adventurous,time to bring out the Columbus in the students.A fun filled thrive between students, a sure shot crowd attractor.
The treasure hunt is going to have zing of childhood memories in it , taking the participant in the beautiful memories of childhood . Now we also have a place for the dance worms, B-Boying as we call it,full of energy and props , we’ll discover new dimensions, crazy crowd and excellent competitors.Then for the screen addicts we have Counter Strike Competition  with wide projections, a  new world might awake.A challenge for the keen observers, a test of IQ ,presenting Logo Quiz,logos from  day to day life would bring the people’s observation skills on test
Now about the publicity, we’ll be doing it through various social networking sites and yes through our nukkad natak being performed at various venues and times. We’ll make the NCR aware , AMITY YOUTH FEST ,2014 IS HERE ! That’s all what we have planned for the fest.
We’ll be delighted to get the above approved .

Yours Faithfully,
Chintan Sadhwani
Student Coordinator
ASE-3 sem