Ase department
Student coordinator
Amity School Of Engineering and technology 
Amity University


Amity Youth Fest 2014
Amity University
Uttar Pradesh
Subject:  Proposal For Events During Amity Youth Fest 2014
Respected Sir

I pratik , as student coordinator, ASE, had received a feedback from students to include some of the events in amity fest 2014 I have shortlisted some events which I thought were new and will interest the crowd during the fest.
I talked to the class representatives of various sections of ASE. They put forward various suggestions about the events in which students showed their interest to be organize during the fest. I worked on the suggestions and shortlisted some of the events which are as follow:-

1.> cricket match- As many of the students of ase department are interested in a cricket match wth other in this event their will be one team from each department and match will be of only 15 overs. winners will be awarded 2000/- Rs.

2.>  political-quiz – In this event  a team consisting of two participants will be able to participate and will be questioned about day to day developments , current affairs, history and people associated with the scientific and technical field. Winners will be suitably rewarded.

3.> c/c++ – the participants will be provided with pre-written programs and they will be correcting the errors in the given program in a fixed time period.

4.>  - the participants will be designing posters based on the theme of the fest. The prizes will be given to the best three chosen by the judges’ panel.
The above listed events are the ones recommended the most by the students. I worked on the suggestions and shortlisted the ones which looked creative and innovative as well as crowd pullers.  

So, I request you to kindly pay heed to the proposal and encourage us by approving our request to organize the events suggested above. The approval will work as a motivation to the students who are very enthusiastic about the fest and will be a great morale boost; an encouragement to come up with more of their ideas and work for the success of the youth fest.
Thanking you.
Yours sincerely

pratik tiwari
Student Co-ordinator