138 Mohammad pur,
Near r.k.puram-66,
New delhi.

November  22,2013

The  H.O.I,
Amity School of Engineering,
Amity University,

Subject: Propasal for organisation of events during  Amity Youth Fest 2014.

Respected sir,

I wish to express that I, Lokesh  tokas is student co-ordinator of A.S.E .we have conducted surveys across every section of A.S.E and have comeup with certain ideas of events which could be extremely poplular among masses during A.Y.F. I have shortlisted some of the events which are listed below:
1. Game o mania : People can play lan games like counter strike, fifa , need for speed.and winner will get cash prize of rs 500.
2. Application development : participants will have to make app based on Java platform  .The one which is better and efficient wins a PC game.
3. Bug finder: A server will be established where a bunch of programmer  will team up to decode a program.
4. Rock n roll : a rock band will perform among the crowd , winner to be decided by hooter meter reading.
5. Treasure finder: Various clues are to be given to the participants which will lead them to one gift wrap which will contain cash prize of 2000, entry fee-500.
The above listed events are favourite among masses  .These events are sure to be crowd pullers.

So , I kind fully request you to kindly take into consideration the events which are listed above. All of the classmates  have worked hard to conduct surveys and collect people interest so we would be delighted if our hard work pays off.
Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely.

Lokesh Tokas,
Student co-ordinator,

Lokesh Tokas