A day when I came back from my gym, my mum told me about a call from my “mama ji”.
She told me that he said “ agarmohitkichhutiyanchalrhihain to uska bag pack kardewo mere saath manali jaega”. Without even asking if I wanted to go or not showing his love and care he just ordered me to go with him.
As he ordered I packed my bags and went with him and my 9 cousins. My brother booked the Volvo tickets and booked our cottage.
Full trip was pre-planned. Bus departed at 700 AM from New Delhi railway station and arrived at 1000 AM next day at Manali bus stop. We arrived at our cottage and rested for few hours to recharge our body fuel. Then we went for some shopping and ate our lunch.
After all mall road fun we came back to our cottage, watched Indiavs. srilanka semi-final, with Pepsi, juice and popcorns. Then we played Uno cards for 4 hours!!! The night was endless and very chillyweather was really awesome, much much much better from Delhi.
On the 2nd day we got up late and as we planned we were going to the club house manali. It had all the fun stored for us like, indoor sports (tabletennis,snooker,etc.), boating , monster bike ride , rides , and most important and enjoyable “River crossing”.
We all tried river crossing in which they hang you to a rope and then you have to pull yourself to the other end. While coming back they push the rope up and down continuously to get you into the icy water for approx. 5 minutes. That was really cool. In the whole process we clicked a lot of photos approx. 10 gb of storage was fully used.
When we came back to our cottage the view from our balcony was so amazing and relaxing that we just sat there and talked for hours and enjoyed our time. Actually more than roaming on the mall road we enjoyed staying in our cottage.
On day 3 we booked our cab for 400 AM for Rohtang Pass. The only place near Manali where we could find some snow to enjoy, in that season. We reached Rohtang pass at 800 AM with lots of traffic which the cab driver said is very less. When we stepped out of the cab wind was so chilly and icy we had to cover our heads with caps and hoods. It was very windy out there. Then there my mama ji rented some horses for my sisters and himself, but we brothers decided to trek the whole journey from Rohtang pass entrance to the “zero point”. We trekked through snow and when we finally reached zero point, there were lots of people there doing skiing, motor rides and clicking photos. We all did skiing and not the motor rides because it was actually waste of money. It was a nice experience. Then after all the fun, skiing and photography we went back to our cabs where food stalls were built.
While going back everyone was extremely tired and had headache. So after eating maggi and drinking tea we left for our cottage. While we were returning we saw paragliding booths were trained Para gliders take single person with himself from the top of the mountain to the bottom of it. Before this they ask us to sign some papers which said “the sport is highly dangerous and in any unwanted scenario may lead to death also”. Only 5 members of our group agreed to paraglide. The experience was terrifying and the flight brought our hearts to our mouths because of the height of the flight. After all that “hard work” we finally reached our cottage, all of us wanted rest and sleep.
On the next day we had nothing planned, but we had 2 options either to go solang valley or go to kullu for rafting. Everyone decided to go kullu for rafting. We got a cab for kullu which took 1 hour to reach our destination. We booked our 2 rafts there and then choose to go for a 9 km rafting. We also booked a camera man who took our video of rafting. Guide gave us protective armour and helmet. Then some instructions in case the boat fells over. Then we went for our ride. Our guide was real fun he slapped our faces with chilled water and told us the stories of his experiences. He told us that the shooting of a scene of movie krishh was filmed in the same river. Rafting was the best experience I had. That concluded our trip to one of the most famous tourist spot in India “MANALI”.
All the fun, adventure sports, photography and our cottage absolutely told us that my trip was simply AWWWWSOME…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!