So here I am, writing my fantastic experiences of trip to Dubai.
It was my first trip abroad. Excitement was ruling! I was not able to sleep the previous night due to the fact that we were flying to DUBAI the next day.
My flight was at 8:55 a.m and we reached Dubai in around 4 hrs. Dubai is 1.5 hrs behind India. I have my relatives over there, so we were staying at their place during our tour to Dubai. The journey from India to Dubai was tiring but as soon as we reached Dubai, all tiredness vanished in just a second. After having a little rest we got ready and we were off to Dubai mall, which is the biggest mall in the world. The mall has around 15,000 parking spaces, which to me, was amazing. Moreover it has the largest indoor aquarium in the world and Oasis Fountain Waterfall which are some of the best things about this mall.
I was quite shocked to see that the roads and streets of dubai are so wide and clean as in Delhi all of us know how the streets are. Dubai is always beautifully lit up at night, and you can enjoy a lot even if you go just for a long drive across the country.
The next day we went to Dubai zoo, there were various kinds of animals over there like flamingos, giraffes, deer, kangaroos, white tiger, all the species of snakes, turtles, and what not! There we had a chance to feed the giraffes, it was an awesome experience as I never imagined that I would be able to touch and feed a giraffe this way. After that we went to Ferrari world in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi where we saw all types of f1 racing cars and the racing track.
On the third day we went to the Atlantis Hotel in Palm jumeirah. There we visited the largest aquarium in the world, which had more than 65,000 species of fishes and this kept us spell-bound.
We went to Burj-Al-Arab which is one of the famous hotels in Dubai. This is a seven-star hotel and it is the fourth tallest hotel of the world.  The shape of this hotel looks like sail of a ship. This is an interesting feature of this hotel.
On the fourth day we went for dessert safari. It was an adventurous trip in the dessert. A land cruiser picked us up and we went for the adventure. After that we reached a place in the middle of the dessert which had refreshments, sheesha, mehendi, Arabic dresses for rent, belly dance and tandura dance. It was a full day safari in the hot dessert of dubai and was totally worth it.
The next day we visited the famous malls all over dubai. First was the ibn-e-batuta mall. It had many sections of different countries of the world like china, Persia, Russia, India, Egypt etc. The interiors of these sections were decorated as per the traditions and architecture followed in those countries. We then visited the dragon mat which was a typical Chinese market. We also visited mercato mall and qafi mall whose architecture was of Italian and Egyptian styles.
Dubai at night is really mesmerizing as each and every building is decorated with dazzling lights. Dubai’s summer festival was going on during that time, so every where there was flat 70% off sale in every shop and mall. So you can imagine how much shopping was done. And also, lots of fun activities like street dance, skits were going on during this festival.
Next day was the beach day. We visited all the beaches of dubai that day. The beaches were very clean. Most of the beaches were manmade. The famous jumeirah beach was the most beautiful. Burj Al Arab is located on an island just a few mtrs away from jumeirah beach.
Another attraction of dubai is the gold souk. It is a typical gold market. You’ll find all types of gold ornaments there. We saw both delicate but beautiful and huge ugly gold ornaments there. Windows of each shop are packed with gold rings, ear rings, bracelets and necklaces.
We then visited the ski-dubai in mall of emirates. It is a snow park with all types of snow sports. It also has a special combo of encounter with a real penguin. It was a fantastic experience in touching and feeding a real penguin. The shocking part was, dubai, which is a city of dessert, has real penguins living in there!
We then went to marina mall where we had a ride on a cruise ship which took us around palm jebel ali which is a man-made island just like palm jumeirah.
In the end came the most exciting part of our trip. Going at the top of burj khalifa! As we all know, burj khalifa is the tallest man made structure in the world. It has 165 floors and has restaurants, flats, and offices there. Tourists are only allowed till 125th floor. You won’t believe, but the lift took not more than 15secs to reach at the top of burj khalifa.  The view of dubai from the top was simply fascinating and we were standing there love-struck with the beautiful night view of dubai. I just cannot explain how beautiful the scene was. It left me completely speechless. We captured a lot of pictures of the scenery and ourselves too.
Finally the last day came and the tour came to an end. It was sad to leave such a beautiful place but I was happy that I had the time of my life here, and of course I will again go to Dubai someday in future.
The part about Dubai was that it has dessert, snow and beaches all at the same place. I would recommend everyone to make a visit to Dubai atleast once in their lifetime. Because out of all the places I have visited till now, I found Dubai the best!!

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