(Prof) Dr. AJAY RANA,
Head of the Department
Computer Science and Engineering,
Amity School of Engineering,
Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201-303

Subject: Technical and Cultural event for AYF, 2014

Respected Sir,

I state to say that I'm a student coordinator of 2nd year B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering Department. I'm interested in technical and cultural event for AYF-2014.
               As Amity is keen on nurturing talent and encourages intellectual growth of its students, we ensure that the following events will turn out to be beneficial and entertaining for both the students and faculties.

POSTER DRAWING COMPETITION: Students will have to make posters on the topic “Corruption in India” within the time limit set. All the material required would be brought by the students. Entry would be free for all the students. Time limit: 2 hours.

ROBO WARS:  With the advent of technological advancement there is a need to introduce some technical games. This event will help to bring new ideas to the fore, to produce novel technology, to raise the bar to where it has never been before .Robot wars will give new and surprising challenges .
Venue: C block
Registration fees: Rs. 150 only

Laugh out loud SHOW :  A laughter show will be a real crowd puller.  Students will be allowed to Crack 2 jokes or any mimicry and then judges will select best of 5 students from the whole list. Lastly those 5 students will be given any of the 2 task (mimicry or cracking jokes) and the best will be the winner of this event .This event will help to identify the natural talent that many students are carrying with them.
Venue: C block
Registration fees: Rs. 500 only

We believe that these suggestions are in best possible interest of the students and will make the youth fest an enriching experience for them.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

Praveen Mishra
(Student coordinator)
B.Tech (CSE) 3A 
Y Batch (2012-2016)
Enrollment No: A12405212055