Interesting & Technical Holidays

After two long & tiring semesters with a very few holidays, we got a two month vacation, by the time the vacations started I was dead tired , you know how it is waking up at 6 in the morning daily to go to college is tiring in itself.. . originally I had no plans at all, after sleeping for half a day when I woke up, I got a call from my brother who said that we should visit our hometown in Amritsar, so I packed and got prepared so that we can leave early the next morning. We left at 4 a.m. since its fastest to leave early we reached Amritsar at about 10:30 am. We got to our home and greeted our grandparents and other relatives… then after some rest we left to visit Golden Temple, since it's not so far from our home it has become kind of a habit to visit there every time, we stayed there till 9 pm and listened to the Kirtan, arrived home and then went to sleep. Then the next day, we left to go to our farms, since it's my favorite spot to wander around, the atmosphere of Delhi doesn't even compare to the nice atmosphere there we stayed there till evening, went to the tehsildar to say greetings, went back to our house and started preparing to leave for Delhi next day.
We reached Delhi in the Evening the next day, regretting that we weren't able to stay there longer since my brother had work. Then two days passed without me even noticing, I called my friends from my old Animation Academy, MAAC, where I used to study in summer to gather up and hang out. So, we met at our friend, Harleen's house, got to sit and chat up about the easy going summer vacations we used to have, played some games and since it was already midnight we decided to stay overnight, but  thanks to that idea we ended up playing around and weren't able to sleep till early morning, we got up in the afternoon then I went to say my greetings to my sister's fiancé since he lives nearby, I got back and then we went to our homes but decided to meet the next day in afternoon since my friend Amarjeet said he had something to discuss, so the next day we met up at south ex and went to our Dynamic's teachers house who was planning to make a group which might be able to help him in a new Project since he had short time, he wasn't able to find anyone on such short notice so he decided to call on us, but most of the work was done by Sarabjeet, Harleen, Amarjeet and Simran , and I sat there watching them 'coz to be frank, we both suck at drawing on a Sketchbook, so I decided to stay away and do the finishing part later through the Computer since it's easy to get a drawing in motion after putting in the frame model and the basic sketch, Amarjeet finished the texture part since he always sucked at drawing portraits but draws landscapes more better than all of us. After finishing up half of the work, we decided to head home since it was already about midnight. The next day we met in the afternoon and finished the rest of the work till evening. Then our teacher said that we should come next day to the Academy, since he wanted to show us the new motion graphics equipment they had  received. So, we went there the next day, we were quite surprised to see that there are mostly 3d models being used for Animating objects, we used to do all that work by vector models in computer, but now that work was reduced to about none.. you just put on the Motion Tracking Suit, move around and the computer records the motion data automatically.. then you just have to put the 3d model of the object to be animated and it automatically adapts all the conditions such as lighting, texture change etc. by itself, we don’t even have to make gait adjustments since it automatically takes the data and adjusts it, so there is almost no chance of error, we also saw the sound studio it changed so much that we almost couldn't recognize it, the syncing was automatic now, rather than having to sit for hours and make adjustments the sound recorded was synced just at the touch of a button. We were laughing at how we used to sit around in the studio for hours for a simple 10 second animation to get it's sound synced. We also visited the SE(Special Effects) Studio which was about 10 times larger than before and there were so many props and equipment which was being used, but thanks to all that the place where we used to skip classes and hang out was now so crowded. It was evening already, so we were thinking of leaving but pratap sir stopped us and said that there's a new studio which he'd like to show us so we decided to stay a little longer, he took us to a room which had no equipment but only strange looking walls, Motion Sensing suits and some Machines, so we decided to ask him what kind of a studio is it?, he then answered it's a Virtual Reality Studio where they are running beta tests on VR systems like oculus's and Omni's VR console, we didn’t have any experience with VR consoles so we asked him to let us use the Studio, he said OK but there weren't many games in beta testing that time we said that's fine so we stayed there till 9 pm enjoying the VR experience, to be honest, it was Absolutely Fantastic, normal gaming doesn't compare with the VR it isn’t just the field of view, even though the console was running on 720p resolution the experience was much better than normal gaming.. the only drawback being that you have to place the 2.5 kg Helmet on your head while playing, but we knew that's not going to be an issue whenever the consoles are released since it was just beta version. That one day was the best day of the vacations. Since I spent the rest of the days dilly dallying around, and going with my brother to his work where he currently works as a stock advisor. The rest of the days went by so fast before I knew it the vacations were already over. I ended up thinking how good it could be to spend those days again one more time.. but I knew that that wouldn't be possible since gone time never comes back. But, I was relieved that I spent my vacations having as much fun as I could.

“A lifetime isn't forever, so take the first chance, don't wait for the second one! Because sometimes, there aren't second chances! And if it turns out to be a mistake? So what! This is life! A whole bunch of mistakes! But if you never get a second chance at something you didn't take a first chance at? That's true failure."