Student coordinator
Amity School Of Engineering
Amity University
Uttar Pradesh

21 January 2013

Amity Youth Fest 2014
Amity University
Uttar Pradesh
Subject:  Proposal For Events During Amity Youth Fest 2014

Respected Sir,

 I wish to state that I, Rohit Bhandula , as student coordinator, ASE, want to propose some events to be organized during Amity Youth Fest 2014.After collecting reviews from the students of ASE including my discussion with some of the seniors and active faculty members in the AYF 2014, I have come to the conclusion that both technical and cultural events should be organized in this year’s fest .Such a strategy is required to strike a balance between the two to make AYF 2014 a great success.
The events are as follows:-
1.E-HACK is an Information Security Workshop, organized by InfySEC. The workshop aims at creating awareness about INFORMATION SECURITY by showing in what all ways information or data can be stolen.
2. VISHWAPRENEUR: Unleash the Entrepreneur in You’’. VISHWAPRENEUR aims to provide an opportunity for students to interact with intellectuals from various industrial sectors .It aspires to put industry’s most innovative minds on a common platform and allow young energies to kick start undertaking and ventures.
3. A competitive-cum-exhibitory “short film festival”, which is aimed to act as a platform for the budding film makers and animation enthusiasts to showcase and foster their cinematographic skills.

4. YUDH – Amity inter college sports festival , this year YUDH is going to see its third season. With sports like basketball, football, tennis, table-tennis, volleyball, throw ball, carom, chess and a plethora of fun events. It’s not only an opportunity for sporting enthusiasts to display their skills, but also for the amateur sports persons to come and get into the spirit.

5. PRO-NIGHT- It will be a DJ night where are all the students groove to the music, can enjoy and have fun with their friends.

So, I request you to kindly pay heed to the proposal and encourage us by approving our request to organize the events suggested above. The approval will work as a motivation to the students and as an encouragement to come up with more of their ideas and work for the success of the youth fest.
Thanking you.
Yours sincerely

Student Co-ordinator