Cell Phones are becoming one of the very essential accommodates in every one’s life, as the use for cell phones are increasing so the addiction and so the features in each and every cell phone is increasing. In this century of modern smart phones, everyday new features are launched in every smart android smart phone. Now a days, due to many features like android, camera, multi-tasking, browsing, games, etc. basic cell phones are being not in a use of much. Basic cell phones are being replaced by new smart phone. The cell phones in this generation are making everything in a touch and also helping in consesing the whole world.
So to cope up with this very fast paced life each and everyone are opting for new smart phones with almost every feature, and so is me. I previously had Nokia 5233 and recently I bought Micromax canvas-2 (A110) , because of many reasons that were against my previous phone and are for my new phone.
I was facing many problems from my previous cell phone like hanging of cell phone, slow processing, automatic closing of my running problems, damps on my screen and many cracks on the body, so I felt that it is high time to change it and I can not work with it any more as I have been using it for last three years. My new cell phone have all the features to overcome the drawbacks of my previous Nokia set as well as many new useful features.
My previous cell phone cell had 2 MP (mega pixel) camera and now it has 8 MP camera giving me better pictures with a flash, giving it an advance over my previous phone. My previous cell phone don’t have android where as my new smart phone has android and that to jelly bean. My previous cell’s screen was 3 inch long and 1.8 inch wide whereas my new cell is almost double 5 inch long and 3 inch wide, bigger the screen better is the access to all other applications. Due to android it can support many new games and applications whereas my last phone was unable to do so. I can have easy access to video conferences as my new cell have front 2 MP camera, making me to be in touch with my family and friends.
My new cell is being very precious to me due to many mentioned reasons, like now I can easily check to my daily attendance, courses, faculty,etc. so now it is like proven  a big new boon for me. Mine previous one had many cuts and breaks but new one is totally free memory. So due to these many reasons till the last I brought my new cell. My cell if it was not broken as well as in dis bad condition I would have never changed it but the circumstances and my need for a new one made me to buy a new cell phone.
As we all know in this every day changing world we have to be away from crowd being in the crowd, so did I also. I also wanted cell phone for the sake of modernisation and completion also. By having this cell phone I just get everything in a single touch and also on a very wide view because of it’s large display. I just wanted a cell phone like these features only so the comparison of this new one with old one is very narrow term, with this cell phone I almost get a backup of at-least fifteen hours and my previous one used to have maximum 3-4 hours backup.

So now I just want to windup my topic just making my all points clear about it that for sure I wanted a new cell phone but also needed a new one so I opted for this cell phone because I believe when I am changing then why not bigger and better. So al last I am now having a new android phone of my choice.