** The Feeling of Pride Being a Back Bencher **


     "The best brains of the nation may be found on the last bench of the classroom "

                                                                                                                                                             - APJ Abdul Kalam

I have been a backbencher all my life. And, I have thoroughly enjoyed it!         
My peers always thought of me as a dull boy when I was in school. My teachers never thought differently. That was because I was indeed a dull boy. I was a backbencher, after all!
I could never have been a frontbencher for obvious reasons. I had a perennial paranoia of being under the watchful eyes of the teacher. That used to make me self conscious. I hated being under supervision right from childhood. I wanted to hit out on my own in life. I wanted to be independent. I wanted to be my own boss!
I have no regrets about having been a backbencher. I have no regrets in life. Being a backbencher was fun. It is true that I used to occupy one of the seats in the last row of the class. But, that does not mean that I did not listen to the teacher or cheated on my homework.
The frontbenchers were the teachers’ favourites. They listened to the teachers, learned a lot and scored good marks. But, nobody ever bothered to find out as to what it feels like to be a backbencher. Believe me, it feels great! Because, you not only learn what the teacher teaches in the class but also get a back-eye-view of everything that happens there. The college is no different.
I have seen students slipping in and out of the class. I have seen students popping chocolates into their mouths. I have seen students stealing goodies from their neighbours’ lunch boxes. I have seen students sketching cartoons of our teachers. I have seen students making fun of the lecturers. I have seen students sharing jokes while the class was in progress. I have seen a lot of other mischief.
The frontbenchers learn a lot from what the teacher teaches. A backbencher learns not only that but also a lot about student behaviour. They get a wholesome view of what happens in a class. That is the wisdom of a backbencher!
I have even noticed that a teachers’ viewpoint towards a last bencher is very prejudiced. He is a trouble, a menace, comes only for attendance and is least bothered is a clichéd belief. With due respect ma’am, everyone comes for attendance *straight face*. It is not 100% true but backbenchers, though absolutely unbothered about lectures and studies, score good marks in exams and are smart and crafty freaks. Last benchers mind are perpetually distracted like ADHD and as of my observation, they take pride when asked to stand up and being questioned about their ignorance. Attitude haan..!!
The aerial view of the last bench would chuckle someone with amazement as it comprises cell phones, lunch boxes, unorganised assignment sheets and the best sleep under the sun. Maybe some things are meant to be that way. The last bench is not just a place, it’s our abode-for pragmatic people who skate through school/college enjoying but making it a point to study home and passing with well, let’s say flying colours. It’s a trend that these lazy kids are the ones to raise their voices against extra assignments or for that matter it’s because of these prolific brains that a teacher realises that she has exceeded her lecture duration.
Last benchers are an uncanny species altogether. It’s a haven for the ‘mujhe farak nahi padta re’, hardcore texters and gluttonies who can quench their appetite. The kala dhabbas of the class really often turn out to be the most brilliant, inquisitive and esoteric minds of the class. It’s time we change the mindset and accept the fact that backbenchers are smart nerds.
I personally like last bench students, for they are harmless and have a good character too. They are very helpful, that is what I have seen throughout my life. They always enjoy their life and not all last bench students are bad in studies. I always admired those students in my class and I and our gang caught the last bench when we reached Graduation second year. We were known as MBBS - Master of Back Bench Students. All the students in our gang including we are the top scoring students in our class, but we are not book worms and do not study during leisure time or actively concentrate on what is taught by the teacher. I think that is the reason why we liked the back bench. We get less noticed when we are at the back bench and if a class is boring, we can always quit by moving through the back door when the teacher is scribbling on the blackboard.
The teachers always mentioning that last bench students are bad in studies. They also mention that they are the students who always disturbing the class. But is it true? In fact the some of the last bench persons are good in many fields. The last bench students are not disturbing the class always. I think they are not one who disturbing the class and fail in the class. They also have good results and good character.
According to me last benchers are those who want to attain the class; but are not that interested to listen to the teachers; they want to be in their own sweet world with the other last benchers. It do amaze me that how they manage to listen to the teachers; so that they don't have to get amassed in-front of others and also keep on doing there own stuff as well; that is really surprising. Many times even I go to last bench; when I have to do something else like writing notes or just chit chatting with my friends.

                                          Be the back bencher & Rock the world!!!!!!!!!!!