Cars are considered to be symbol of luxury for past few years, having a car means the person is rich. After few years, there will be fewer cars because of the increasing cost of non-renewable resources such as petrol and diesel. Driving a car will be too expensive in future years for middle class people. Another aspect of car is that people will become unhappy with time waiting in traffic or finding parking places.

Reduced numbers of cars in future will be possible because of the rising prices of non-renewable resource making it impossible for middle class to drive a car. Another aspect is that people have to spend an adequate amount of their daily time in traffic jams and searching for parking places has become a headache for most of the people. We can also think of public transportation as a better medium for people because it helps them in better time usage. They can read book, listen to music, talk on phone and can spend more time with friends which help them building better personal and professional relationship. People are also getting more aware about the environment pollution created by using car and their adverse effect on health. Instead of using a car from home, walking to public transport make people do a bit of exercise influencing their health.

Having less number of cars is beneficial for both environment and people but it seems not possible as nowadays having a car depicts your status in society. The mentality of person is materialistic so buying a car is needed for being a materialistic person. Another facet is that new cars instead of using traditional resources, deriving their energy consumption through renewable energy sources which make cost of driving a car less expensive in future. At some places, public transportation is not available due to which unwillingly people have to use their own cars as means of transportation. Many times public transportation system time table doesn't seem matching with everyone daily routine especially for night shift people. Most importantly, the government doesn't want to spend much on public transport. The condition of roadways buses is worse. That’s why people prefer to travel by their own cars for a comfortable ride. Young generation is passionate about driving car making the road risky for themselves and other on road.

In my opinion the numbers of cars cannot be reduced as the mentality of people is “materialistic” making it necessary for everyone to have a car, changing technology making cars less expensive like Nano making possible for everyone to have car and lack of government funding for development of public transport system.

Deepansh Pandey