Undoubtedly, Cricket is one of the most famous game in India. ICC Cricket World Cup was first started in June 7, 1975 since then India had won world cup twice. Once in 1983 and other was in 2011. The performance of Indian team is very much appreciable for past few years. Under the captaincy of M.S. Dhoni, team India has won the ICC World Cup in 2011 and T20 World Cup. There are 2 pools – Pool A and Pool B in World Cup. India team was in Pool B. The team was expected to bring ICC World Cup trophy this time to country. The surety of this thing can be seen with the videos on YouTube and status “#WeWontGiveItBack”.

First match of India was with Pakistan. This is never just a match it was far beyond that as the current affairs of both countries on the disputed area of Kashmir. It is also supposed that most of the terrorist activities in India has been planned and funded by officials of Pakistan. Indian team won the match by 76 runs. Second match of India was with South Africa which again won by India with a difference of 130 runs. India won the third match within 18.5 overs by 9 wickets. Every match that Indian team made every Indian much sure that this time World Cup is ours. India didn’t lose a single match of 7 matches to reach semi-final.

India is in semifinal and 2 more matches to be third time ICC World Cup Champions. India match for semi-final is with Australia. India has lost many matches with Australia. According to Wikipedia, total 90 matches has been played since 1948 out of which India won 24 and 26 draw matches. If India won this match, they have to play with New Zealand in Finals. This match is more worth than final for India. Team India has won all 7 matches till semi-final whereas Australia has lost one match earlier. I personally don’t like watching cricket matches. I also don’t know much about cricket but what caught my attention was that in my 3 year college till now our whole batch never had a successful bunk. Being a working day, none of us attended a single class whole class was on mass bunk and celebrating that day as a public holiday not only our batch was on bunk many other batches were doing the same. In almost every block, you can find many students watching cricket matches, auditorium were full even students were sitting on floor just to watch that semifinal match. Even more, all of my friend altogether came to my pg to watch match on TV. I joined my friends to enjoy their company. Australia gave a score of 328 runs with a loss of 7 wickets. As the batting of Indian team started, there is lot of sounds of enjoyment on every ball that crosses the boundary of stadium. With the first wicket down there was an environment of growing tension. Soon after the wicket of Virat Kohli just on 1 run half of my friend left the hope that India can won now and after the wicket of M.S.Dhoni we can even saw people leaving the stadium. Even India didn't lost the match yet we were receiving troll message of team India like they had already lost the match. Finally, India lost the match with 95 runs and losing all wickets in 46.5 overs.

Now, the biggest question arises whom to blame?? Everyone was upset. My friends who had a fight yesterday are now hugging each other and saying we will get it next time. Many people said that presence of Actress Anushka Sharma made the performance of Virat Kohli drastic. Second general theory match was fixed. Many people still congratulating team India for their efforts for being semi-finalists and encouraging them by saying that today is not a good day for you. However, some people also enjoyed this loss of Indian team one of these people is famous director Ram Gopal Verma. Even I didn’t like cricket so much but if we won it’s a pride for every Indian citizen. This world cup taught me that cricket is not just a game, it can unite every Indian despite their interest or not. 

Deepansh Pandey