Undoubtedly, books play an important role in everyone’s life. Books can be considered as a collection of knowledge that can be used for developing the society in a better manner. In Stone Age, people use crafting on walls of cave to store knowledge they learn soon they find it’s not a better way so they start writing on leaves bark of trees like you have seen student writing love letter on leaves of tree in “Mohabatein” movie but these leaves decompose over time. So, finally paper was invented and books are hand written by the writer so it is very less in number as there is technological revolution all around the world, printing press have been invented too print the books in bulk. At present, we can find more than million copy of single book available on every bookstore but now a days there is a new trend named eBook. The books are not available in more than 100+ varieties that includes gloss paper books, paperback books, hardboard books, black and white printed books, color printed books etc. However, books can also be categorized on the basis of the content present in them for instance horror stories books like vampire dairies, action comics like Iron man, Nag raj etc., infant learning books etc. In rural areas, one cannot found a huge variety of books as there are very less number of book selling shops as the number of schools and rural areas have less development field so there are neither many libraries nor many bookstore while in the urban areas there are many bookstore even there are certain cities famous for their coaching classes all over the India like Kota is famous for IIT all over the India.

There is technological advancement in every field of life so it has led to eBook trend in modern era. EBook is digital version of a book. As thousands of trees are cut down to produce paper for books and other purposes this has led to an environmental hazard. EBook provides us an advantage that is can be used by anyone having a mobile. We don’t need to carry a 900 page book while travelling it can be put in few MB’s of your phone. One can carry any number of books. EBooks are cheap than the printed books and delivered instantaneously. Most of you have heard about the app Kindle that is an eBook reader app owned by Amazon now they have launched their tab also which feels like a book page.

Government has provide certain regulation that need to be followed by publishers. A person should register with the government to open its publication. A writer with his story goes to publisher and it the publisher like the story it will be printed and some part of the amount will be given to the author on every book the publisher sells. The government has also set on importing of printing press machines and importing, exporting books out of country. Government also provide award to best writers. The books industry has provided jobs to many people like publishers and they need a staff to manage the printing press furthermore authors, repairmen and delivery person for delivering books.

The merits of books is that they are full of knowledge if you are not sure about anything it can be found in book from a cooking recipe to making a car or airplane. Books fulfil the emptiness in one’s life for instance people can read books in metro for passing their time. They tell you about the various aspects of society that you don’t know like the book “Red light Area” depicts the story of a call girl to the whole world. Some good author books can also be used to increase your vocabulary. The demerits of books is that they are not graded like movies so a teenager can over some picture that he should not be seeing. Moreover, now a days everyone is writing a book so it is not sure which book one should read or not. All of us have heard that famous dialog that a book cannot be judged by its cover.

Concisely, Books are very important in everyone for both academic and personality development point of view. However, technology for books have changed over a period from Stone Age to present day but the knowledge is always preserved in them.