The concept of grading in education system was first started in European Countries which was later adopted by other countries. Now-a-days it is followed almost everywhere. The grading system is divided into 3 grades – primary, intermediate and secondary grades. The primary grade is from 1 to 5 including kindergarten. The teacher in primary has few hours of teaching experience and there are 3 to 4 hour of classes. Similarly, the intermediate grade have 6 to 8 grade also known as junior high school. The secondary grade start from 9 to 12 grade shaving subject specialist taking lectures of 50 minutes and providing 10 minutes to move from one class to another. According to me, the grading system has some disadvantages. Some are them are described in the upcoming paragraph.

Generally, there is a minimum age to get admission in first grade according to graded standard. In United States it is 6 years. The children have to wait till they become 6 year old to get admission irrespective of their learning capacity. Most of the student start to learn at the age of 4 or 5. This system waste an important learning phase of children life.

Moreover, the children have to repeat a whole year if he is not capable to pass the standards of next grade. The children have to pass all subjects with minimum number of marks. For instance after getting 100 in Math the student can repeat a whole year if he gets fail in any other subject. This system bounds them to study all subjects irrespective of their interest. Sometimes, repeating a whole year lead to mental breakdown of many students which results in depression or by committing suicide by student. This also waste one year of student life.

Furthermore, the children are put together irrespective of their learning skills. The children are put together in a group which leads to lack of teacher concentration on every student. The mistake of few students are never noticed by teachers. Being in a group, intelligent students have to wait for new things to be presented before them whereas for other students was unable to understand the new thing as they have not completely understand the previous one.

In brief, the grading in education system lack individual teaching, overwhelming graded standards lead to wastage of sufficient time of student life. However, the grading system provides competition and prepare children from their early age of life. Grading system officials can make this system more interesting by allowing children to choose their own field of interest.  

Deepansh Pandey