Ethics is one thing which appears to be missing from Indian politics. It seems that the Indian politicians have got some dysentery to their mouths when they are speaking in public. Most of the politicians have reached to the assemblies and the parliament due to nepotism, which is the backbone of Indian governance. These people are not eligible to be selected and then elected by the people of the country. They do not even pay heed to the affairs of their constituencies once they are elected. They are not aware of the happenings of the country and give derogatory comments about them when questioned by the media personals. Especially the cases where security of women and children is involved, the politicians’ comments have took the country by storm. They even refuse to apologize after making controversial statements on such sensitive issues.
The issue of women and children security has been buried in files for long because of the chauvinistic approach of Indian politicians. In this era of science and technology, where everything is updated; our political system also needs to be upgraded. A modern youth brigade of politicians is the need of the hour. A change to the current system is ideal at this point of time. The politics needs youth participation so that we can see some action in the governance. The lost ethicality needs to be restored to the politics of India.

Why should Indian citizens suffer and face insensitivity towards them by their own elected representatives when they have got the power to change the course of the system?

The bureaucratic system needs to understand the power of citizens and to show some sensitivity towards their issues. The bureaucrats should have a strict policy of sticking to the ethics and maintaining the decorum of their jobs so that a confidence can be endowed upon the field of politics.

By- Ankur Wadhwa