India is a democratic country. In India they are many political parties such as BJP, Congress, AAP etc. Every party has their own beliefs and ideologies in politics. In the recent elections, BJP won the election and Mr Narendra Modi has been elected as our new prime minister. He is famous because of the technology development that he undertook in Gujarat. 

He made participation of various companies possible by providing various incentives like low cost land, water, electricity and encouraging them to settle their plants in Gujarat. With his actions he has changed the whole Gujarat within a few years because of development work he undertook in Gujarat. We selected him as prime minister.  Mr Modi after being elected has worked on various projects for development. Many other parties have questioned “WHY” on his policies. Inspite of all these allegation Narendra Modi has focused all his attention on development projects, but development in any country cannot be done by one person alone. We all should support our country development by being a good citizen only by participating actively and ethically. 

     By- Deepansh Pandey