We all would like to agree with the fact India is one of the fastest developing nations in the present world. In view of this statement, there are certain factors which play a very important role in keeping the momentum going.

India is the world’s largest democracy and the most beautiful example for unity in diversity. But it is not easy to hold it all together, one of the biggest reasons being change. Change is a rule of nature and it is extremely important to understand the need for it. This is true for every field, be it daily habits, new technology, laws of the constitution, anything. But its most important aspect is that it should come about smoothly so that it can be inculcated in one’s very lifestyle without too much interference.

We are also aware about the need for intelligent politics, both by the people and the government, in their respective fields. Almost every action taken by the government should involve active participation of the people. Moreover, in order to be presentable and respected, proper ethics is a must.

These are just a few of the many factors affecting a nation’s overall development, which is why the existence of an ideal country is rare.

By- Nishit Kumar