Recent reports have suggested that  BJP will attempt to stop the degradation of  Indian culture in bollywood and promote films with traditional Indian values. 
Is this justified? I don't think so . 

Every human, alive or dead, has dreamed seamlessly in sleep. Sadly, no such dream pertains the memory forever, but the movies do and that’s the beauty of a movie. A three hour ride into the world of possible and impossible. Today, our government is talking about censoring this ride of dreams. We are censoring dreams. Dreams are the source of growth in any individual. Is it correct to put a slash on growth?

Is morality a subject to be decided by the government?
Every sphere of civilized and uncivilized groups have their own set of moral grounds. So, what moral grounds are we talking about? The Muslim grounds, the Sikh grounds, the Christian grounds or the Hindu grounds? Which one are they adhering to? Can a government decide what is moral and unmoral, are they good enough to rule our dreams?
Movies connect to all levels of our population, movies inspire them to grow, to believe and most importantly to keep dreaming. Alike journalism, movies have a vast influence over the country .Putting censor on journalism would kill people’s opinion and similarly putting such censors on movies would kill people’s dream.

There are “rotten people” who get aggravated by scenes of a movie, but some are reasonable enough and actually get the good out of it, the “healthy people”. This censoring might discourage rottenness in the rotten folks but what about the healthy ones, it will murder their dreams and limit their imagination of evil. They will be forced to live in the idealization created around them. Who guarantee the rotten mass won’t find a way to plagiarize, they might come back even stronger and this time the healthy folks will be an easy target, because of the ultra-ideal worlds they live in. If a family member is suffering from dysentery will the whole family avoid samosa? That family member needs to put reason on his food not the whole family. Similarly, the rotten population needs to put reason on their dreams not all of us. 

Written By
Yatti Soni