“You didn’t run today, you flew!“  1960,ROME OLYMPICS , Milkha Singh came to fame as THE FLYING SIKH OF INDIA. Alike the numerous legends , Flying Sikh also had a life filled with Pain and struggle ,where the gallantry decisions that he took changed the pace of his life. Flight of Milkha Singh from  a barefoot runner to a commonwealth champion has always been dominated by races. From a boy who narrowly escaped death during Partition (most of his family was not so lucky), to a juvenile delinquent who stole and outran the police, to a young Army recruit who ran his very first race to win special privileges for himself (a daily glass of milk). After that first race, Milkha Singh became an athlete by default. And what followed was the stuff legends are made of.  
Milkha Singh had the amazing highs of winning India's first ever gold in athletics at the Commonwealth Games, the unbridled joy of being hailed as the Flying Sikh in Pakistan, as well as the shattering low of failure at the  Rome  Olympics. He holded the Indian National Record of 400m sprint in the time of 45.73 for almost 40 years. He was awarded the Padma Shri, India's fourth highest civilian honour, in recognition of his sporting achievements. Milkha  Singh is the finest athlete India has ever  produced.

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