Network security has become more important to personal computer users, organizations, and the military. With the advent of the internet, security became a major concern and the history of security allows a better understanding of the emergence of security technology. The internet structure itself allowed for many security threats to occur. The architecture of the internet, when modified can reduce the possible attacks that can be sent across the network. Knowing the attack methods, allows for the appropriate security to emerge. Many
businesses secure themselves from the internet by means of firewalls and encryption mechanisms.
The businesses create an “intranet” to remain connected to the internet but secured from
possible threats. The entire field of network security is vast and in an evolutionary stage. The range of study encompasses a brief history dating back to internet’s beginnings and the current development in network security. In order to understand the research being performed today, background knowledge of the internet, its vulnerabilities, attack methods through the internet, and security technology is important and therefore they are reviewed.

The world is becoming more interconnected with the advent of the Internet and new networking technology. There is a large amount of personal, commercial, military, and government information on networking infrastructures worldwide. Network security is becoming of great importance because of intellectual property that can be easily acquired
through the internet. There are currently two fundamentally different networks, data networks and synchronous network comprised of switches. The internet is considered a data network. Since the current data network consists of computer‐based routers, information can be obtained by special programs, such as “Trojan horses,” planted in the routers. The synchronous network that consists of switches does not buffer data and therefore are not threatened by attackers. That is why security is emphasized in data networks, such as the internet, and other networks that link to the internet. The vast topic of network security is analyzed by researching the following:

1. History of security in networks
2. Internet architecture and vulnerable security aspects of the Internet
3. Types of internet attacks and security methods
4. Security for networks with internet access
5. Current development in network security hardware and software

Based on this research, the future of network security is forecasted. New trends that are emerging will also be considered to understand where network security is heading.

Network security is an important field that is increasingly gaining attention as the internet expands. The security threats and internet protocol were analyzed to determine the necessary security technology. The security technology is mostly software based, but many common hardware devices are used. The current development in network security is not very impressive.

Originally it was assumed that with the importance of the network security field, new approaches to security, both hardware and software, would be actively researched. It was a surprise to see most of the development taking place in the same technologies being currently used. The embedded security of the new internet protocol IPv6 may provide many benefits to internet users. Although some security issues were observed, the IPv6 internet protocol seems to evade many of the current popular attacks. Combined use of IPv6 and security tools such as firewalls, intrusion detection, and authentication mechanisms will prove effective in guarding intellectual property for the near future. The network security field may have to evolve more rapidly to deal with the threats further in the future.

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