English Assignment

The topic we have chosen is ‘English Assignment’. Assignment as a word means any task (or in more simplified student’s term, homework). English as a subject, was a part of our curriculum till the 2nd Semester. But the effect of English as a language in reading, writing and speaking will continue to affect us for our entire life. English assignment as such can take many forms- writing essays to formal letters. In the school we used to have English Class Test every week in which we were asked to write articles on a given topic. That was one form of the English assignment. Today in college we are supposed to maintain a blog and keep posting our tasks. All of these are part of the English assignment.
                                                      Writing essays or articles is not a child’s play though. Several factors are needed to be kept in mind while writing an English assignment to make it effective and most importantly clear to the readers mind.
One of the most important factors in writing essays is the use of time. It is vital to allow enough time to:
-        Understanding what the exam is encouraging/allowing you to explore
-        Planning each essay properly
-        Writing each essay to the desired length
-        Revision of work afterwards and make any corrections that may be required.
Planning an essay is at least as important as writing it. To plan effectively we need to:
-        Ensure we have read the question properly and understood it
-        Pay attention to the phrasing of the question – use of the terms “compare” and “discuss” demand a certain and very different approach to a subject essay.
-        Brainstorm for each essay – how can this be answered? What is my argument/s? What are the best examples I could use to support my argument? What other arguments run contrary to my own (and how can they be dealt with in my essay?) In what order should I build my essay?
-        Compare our plan with the question to ensure you have not strayed off course in your planning
Writing your essay:
Our opening line should grab our reader’s attention and spearhead our argument
The opening paragraph should pave the way for the rest of essay – highlighting the main points, areas of discussion or what will be addressed in the essay.
In the body of the essay, our argument should unfold. The argument should be built using highly relevant examples that persuade our readers. These paragraphs should flow through the essay in a coherent manner building our argument as it progresses.
In our conclusion we should wrap up our argument, demonstrating how the thrust of your case has been answered within the body of the essay.

So to conclude I would say that English as a subject is of utmost importance to us and especially since we, as Indians are moving towards globalization at such a rapid speed. We, as students could definitely do our bit by preparing and effectively doing our so called ‘English Assignments’ for the benefit of both us (for the shorter perspective) and our country (for the longer perspective). With this I would like to end my own English Assignment.

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