Technology –The safe advancement?

“You are now reading the sample text.”
Did you notice the little spaces in between the words? They look unimportant but it is quite useful after the invention of “Space “  in Middle ages.
For a thousands of year after the discovery of writing spaces were not used . Weusedtoreadlikethis.
Long lines of letters ran together across the length of the scroll or the page. Reading in those days was a trial. Your brain cranked away as you tried to decipher where one word ended and the next began. No one read silently. To decipher a word, you had to say it out loud.

Then people started on literature our mind not only became smart , advanced but also literally rich.

Today, a counterrevolution is under way. As the computer and cell phone become our main reading devices, the book is being pushed to the periphery of culture.
Reading from a screen is very different from reading from a book. A book provides a shield against distraction, allowing us to focus our entire attention on an author's narrative or argument. When text is put onto a screen, it enters what the science fiction writer Cory Doctorow terms an "ecosystem of interruption technologies." The words have to compete for our attention with links, e-mails, texts, tweets, Facebook updates, videos, ads and all the other visual stimuli that pour through our computers.

But let’s leave these things behind and start the main topic about latest technologies we will get back to it towards the end of this post
List of some popular Languages

What is programming language?
If we speak in a layman’s language then it is a way to communication between a Homo Sapien and machine.
In more advanced or geeky way it means that “ The language with a set of rules who has some syntax and semantics that converts High level language to low level language”.

Programming language and future?
We are using a “program” in every form. From your mobile to even your stopwatch. All the information’s  that we have is being stored in some form of the combination of 010101101010101...........  Your wall clock is also a mechanical program, triggered to rotate at every interval of 60 seconds.
In short we are completely surrounded by conventional or unconventional programmes.

Now I am heading towards the final issue of this post.
How Secure are we?

Edward snowden, they guy who exposed that NSA ( National Security Agency) that it has been reading all the personal mails , chats of almost every people. They have been spying on your sensitive information .
Well, few of you will say that they are looking for potential terrorist attacks and plans against their countries.
They are government, they have supreme power? Are they secure? I would say NO.
Do you guys remember Julius Ansage,  the creator of WIKILEAKS.
He exposed the private informations between the governments.
If the government of the most powerfull nation is unsecure then are we?

This is because we are too much dependent on Machines. All our information and even our identity is stored virtually.
What if someone’s erase your complete identity ?
No affiliation to any University ? No records of your passing of class X or XII , your PAN card, ATM , Bank accounts are gone. THEN ??

Think about it. It is a very important issue that is going on to lead several cyber crimes.
Machines and technology were made to make our work easy. They are making our life easy by making it more and more complex and quite easy to be misused.