Dr.Ajay Rana,
Head of Institute,
Amity School Of Engineering,

1st November,2013

Subject :- Amity Youth Fest , 2014

As the student coordinator of AMITY YOUTH FEST , 2014 , I’d like to propose second to fourth of February as the duration of the fest .Considering the opinions of the students and ideas from the past fests conducted .I have prepared a brief of proposed events.We have divided the events broadly under two categories: technical and non-technical events. Amity Youth Fest has always been a big affair in the NCR region , utilising that stature we need to bring in some good publicity and thus attract more people to the technical and non-technical events conducted by us.

Starting with the workshops, WORKSHOPS are a sure shot attention grabber for geeks, but this time we plan to extend the reign of workshops by including some youthful workshops by AKASH GAUTAM (www.akashgautam.com) ,he names them as-
BOLLY VOCABULARY” - A workshop that has changed the way youth looks at learning    Vocabulary.
 “LOVEPAL BILL”-  Because there is much more to life than just Relationship Issues.
FEARLESSNESS”  -This event will very refreshingly motivate the youngsters to go ahead and achieve even the most difficult by conquering their deepest fears.
Now to induce a bit more recreation I propose a variation of “IDEATE”  (concept of iit bombay techfest 2013-14) “AMI-IDEATE” , here we wish to personate the ideas,the day-dreamers gets a platform.Students will be given a problem statement related amity or student welfare and likewise,lets see who break it through practically and conceptually.
Also Some Competitions -“FIND MY WAY” testing the IQ of the students there will be a quiz about paths to reach a destination , at the onset of game ,students will be given a map for 5 mins and then the quiz starts going upto 3 levels of testing . “FASTEST MESSAGE FIRST” a messaging contest , where the one who types the random message provided on spot first , is the winner.

Coming to the TECHNICAL EVENTS , being an engineering institution some geeky events are a must . So , I propose “GEEK INVADERS” , geeks battle up in the negative roles, the competition is to add a required error in a perfectly running programme. “SCRAP RACE” ,
a bundle of scrap will be provided to the contestants and they are expected to make a mobile
out of it. “CIRCUIT MAKER” , using the given components a working circuit has to be made .
“AIRBENDERS” , Use the power of mind to bend the air,a race of airplanes.Lastly an “EXHIBITION” on the latest advancements in the technology these days, with the motto of “WHAT TO EXPECT FROM THE FUTURE” .

We plan to gain publicity by putting up posters in various colleges, we have also prepared our handles on various social networking sites, which surely prove to be a backbone to our publicity.We plan to hold a poster making competition in the upcoming days among the students of ASE to get a number of posters for fest publicity. The sponsors are yet to be contacted , but as a roadmap we plan on approaching them as soon,your approval of the events. Thereby,all our views and ideas are at your table.We’ll be pleased if we could do all the above in the fest .

Yours Truly,
Yatti Soni
(Student Coordinator)
ASE-3 sem