Dr.Ajay Rana,
Head of Institute,
Amity School of Engineering,
Noida Sec-125, Uttar Pradesh.
As a Student Co-ordinator of Amity Youth Festival (AYF), 2014, I would like to propose some changes in this Youth Festival. Our Youth Festival will be conducted in the last week of February as per the given schedule. I would to organize some technical and cultural programmes in this festival. Both the cultural as well as technical events should be encouraged enthusiastically.
Starting with the technical events we should schedule them in the morning time so that students can attend the events in a fresh mood. Then Cultural programmes should be scheduled in the evening so that students can refresh their minds. In Cultural events we can organize drama, dance and singing competitions. And in technical events we can organize events named as ‘TECHNO SPACE’ which focuses on the application and development of Chemical and Petrochemical Industries and aims to discuss new ideas. ‘DRESTIEN’ which is event that focuses on the C programming and Debugging.
Technical Events should be organized in two consecutive days. Speaking about Cultural Events, they should also be scheduled consecutively in two days in the evening slot. ‘JHAANKAR’ is cultural event, that is a singing competition in the participants. ‘MANZAR’ is event in which we will organize a drama. This drama will be an inspirational play on a struggling engineer. ‘SNEHANKIT’ is event that will focus on dance competition which should be scheduled on the last day of the Amity Youth Festival.
We have also planned to organize some workshops. ‘FORNYA’ is a workshop which we are planning to organize which will focus on Production Engineering. ‘ROBOVEDA’ is a workshop which we are planning to organize which will be focusing on the Ethical Hacking and Advanced Security System. We will let you know about these workshops as soon as possible and adjust them in the afternoon slot of Amity Youth Festival.
We have also planned for the publicity of Amity Youth Festival. We will put up some hoardings and posters in National Capital Region (NCR). We have also designed a site named as  on the internet for the purpose of publicity. And soon we will approach the sponsors.
This are some ideas which we are sharing with you and would be pleased if you approve all of them. I as a student co-ordinator request you to approve this proposal as soon as possible so that we can start working on it and make Amity Youth Festival one of the unforgettable and entertaining Festival Amity University ever had.
                                                                                                                             Thanking You,
                                                                                                                              Ruturaj Sahane
                                                                                                                              Section- CSE-3A
                                                                                                                     - A12405212044