Dr. Ajay Rana
Head of Department,
22 July 2013
Subject- Proposal of events for Amity Youth Fest.
Respected sir,
Being student coordinator of ASE Department,  I would like to  introduce some new events for Amity youth fest 2014. As youth fest being the most awaited event here at amity. So keeping in mind the zest of students and their passion during those fest events, I would like to  suggest following new events,
1. Tech  mania-  a technical event for people interested in latest technology. A quiz or a short seminar for the tech crazy students.
2. Know your college-  a short quiz or treasure hunt  ,based on questions and places in the college.  This event will help students to know about their college. It will add fun as they will be amazed by knowing new facts.
3. Spot debate-  a common event in every fest or cultural event, but to make it interesting we will allow students to use their day to day life or so called spoken language and will give them topics from the field they  choose.
4. Fun stall-  there's a school student residing inside in every grown up, so we can use the common games like HIT THE CANES,  GLOW THE CANDLES,  DRAW AN ART and many short but exciting games.
5. Buddies- in this world of social networking sites,  an era to do friendship through internets, through this event using the lottery system we can make two unknown people to know each other. They have to perform a short act with him,  which will be judged by us.
Kindly take a  look on the following events and if convenient hope they will find place in this years' fest.
Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,