Defense and education both are important for the development of our country as our nation can be protected completely by both soft and structural power only if it is safeguarded by both education removing illiteracy and sophisticated weapons preventing attacks.
India has been one of the largest education systems in the world since many years where students from India and abroad study. Education is considered as a triumph card for Nation’s growth but without security any development does not exist. Both these aspects are equally important but if we are asked to select one then we should definitely go for the decrease of social expenditure because according to me working for the welfare of country is much more prioritized over welfare of the society and its people. We must never think our enemy to be weak. We must always be prepared for it should keep all preventive as well as offensive measures so as to protect our nation from its competitors because ultimately the society and its people belong to the country and how can a country be safe if it is not protected from the enemies. So as a conclusion government as well as we people should invest on defense as much as possible so as to meet any kind of upcoming destruction and hence defense expenditure must be increased.

By- Aman Saxena 

First of all we should see that our countries relationship with our neighbor countries are not so good and hence we are required to make our Defense much stronger than them. If we compare to China, our defense is way lack behind them, China’s yearly military budget is much more than that of our country and we are also facing threats from China since last many years as Pakistan have China’s support and we don’t have good relationships with Pakistan too. Also India is emerging as a super power and to show its strength in the world it should spend a lot of money on our security. However Education is also important and a lot of money should also be spend so as to reduce the illiteracy rate of India.

Why does the government spend so less on the education in our country? - By Himanshu Vashisht  

India is a developing country. And in order to get it a developed country status, we need to reform the education system. But it doesn't seem that feasible, considering the ongoing trend. The administration is reluctant to put aside the necessary funds for education sector. Sure, they do spend something, like 3.1% of GDP. But just 3.1%. That doesn't cut it. We need more in order to reach that developed country status. In my opinion, I think the main factor which is responsible for this reluctance is the politicians. As we all would agree that most of the politicians in this country are not qualified enough to be the leaders of the people. And since a majority of the population is still illiterate, these politicians tend to exploit this and hence, they prove a hindrance especially in terms of education. Because more literate people would mean them getting more aware of the politics and thus, which makes the current political leaders difficult to continue with their "political regime" So, in order to save their own behinds, they are unwilling to spend on education.

By - Saif Ullah 

Because government gets more profit by investing in the other sectors .Moreover the education is partly considered to be the western culture and the government is in no favor to promote the western culture.