Dear Students

We start with the Semester VI and the subject we are going to learn is titled as: Social Communication.

We shall be learning Social Communication Essentials, Workplace Interpersonal Skills, Visual Code/Etiquette in the first three modules.
The fourth module is PROSE with Four Essays/Stories to be read and discussed at the end of these three modules.

·   Secret of Socrates -  Dale Carnegie
·   My Financial Career-Stephen Leacock
·  The Luncheon - W. Somerset Maugham
·   The National Flag - Jawahar Lal Nehru

We shall be starting our sessions with the same 'Willingness to Learn' and will move ahead to accomplish a good understanding of the syllabus.

This is not just a syllabus to be covered, Social Communication is a skill to be mastered.
I look forward to a Learning Journey with you All!