Another new session starts and with it, another batch of freshers arriving at the college with lots of hopes, excitement, aspirations and a little bit of fear.
Freshers - college freshers are those 17-18yr olds, who come to the colleges, leaving the comfort of their homes (or in some cases discomfort), to become something in life.
The beginning of college is a start of a totally new phase of life, when you move out of school and you are no longer considered a child. There is a lot of excitement as it is an absolutely new experience in one's life. College life is remembered for a lifetime, and no matter how the experience is, we all cherish its memories in the end.
The first day in college is the day which is full of excitement for a fresher. While getting ready in the morning, a tingling is felt in the stomach. What would the auditorium be like, what would the teachers be like, who are my new classmates – there is so much to be curious about.
College life provides the students a whole new environment, new people, new rules which help them get out of the shell and interact with the world around them. All in all with different emotions and experiences the freshers adjust to the environment soon and start enjoying.