A leader plays an important role in teamwork or in governance.It is important for a leader to possess leadership qualities otherwise it could have adverse effects.A leader is one who takes all the responsibilities,leads from the front and is not shy to accept his team's failures.Examples of a good leaders are Mahatma Gandhi,Martin Luther King,Nelson Mandela,Kemal Pasha etc. as far as politics is considered and M.S.Dhoni,Ricky Pointing,Saurav Ganguly etc. as far Sports is considered.We have examples of leaders in every field.These people have some specialty and posses qualities that help them stand out from others.The qualities a leader should possess are as follows:
1)Confidence-A leader should be confident that he can handle every task and succeed in everything he does.He should lead his side from the front and inspire all his team-mates.
2)Calmness-A leader should always be calm no matter what how bizarre the situation is.He should always believe that he can make a comeback.
3)Braveness-A leader should be brave and should not back off from taking risks.He should be able to implement his ideas even though it might have small drawbacks.
4)Motivator-A leader should be a motivator and inspire those who are not being able to perform well.He should also praise his team-mates when they perform well.
5)Strict but Friendly-A leader should be strict with his team-mates or people under his control and should be able to manage them and have total control over them.He should see that they perform their functions according to his desires.
But at the same time he should be friendly with them and cater to their needs and should empathize with them.
6)Just-A leader should be just and should be impartial towards his subjects or team-mates.
7)Smart-A leader should be smart enough to know what is right and wrong for his team and make good decisions accordingly.
8)Innovative-A leader should be innovative and should  accept good ideas from his team-mates.He should not be arrogant.

-Akash Felix