Leaders are very important people in meaningful objectives and aspiration of a particular group, class or sects of people. Past has thousands of examples where leaders emerged from a group and they met the demands/objectives of the group (example: Mohan Das Karam Chand Ghandi, Dalai Lama, Swami Vivek Anand, Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela etc.). Leaders come in various aspects of life, there are political leaders , spiritual leaders, religious leaders, fashion leaders, industry leaders etc. they are called leaders because they lead the trend. Leaders have immense qualities to serve the desired goals and these qualities makes them to lead in their life.

A Leader should have following qualities :

* Intelligent
   A leader should be enough intelligent to decide right and wrong and take the right decision at the right time. When there is a difference of opinion among the group itself, he/she should be able to maintain the balance among the group. 

* Honest 
    A leader should be honest and truthful to the responsibilities given to him/her. He/She should be able to understand the needs of the persons of his group, and should have the ability to safeguard the interest of the persons of the group he/she is leading.

* Faithful
A leader should develop faith within the group that he/she will, along with the team, be able to meet the objectives of the group.

* Impartial
    A leader should always follow truthfulness and not the liking or obligations of a particular person. He/She should never mix his/her personal preferences with group matters.

* Judicious 
    A leader should with his/her discretion, be able to identify what is right for the interest of group and what is wrong for the same.

* Emphatic    
    A leader should not be sympathetic but emphatic his/her judgments and actions should be governed by empathy

* Soft Spoken or Friendly   
    A leader should have the friendly attitude with the members of the group and shouldn't be an egoist, should be calm and cold, should be able to maintain the peace in the group and Soft spoken, soft spoken words are welcoming to members of the group and this can welcome suggestions from the other members in some rare and difficult situationshowever it should also be taken in mind that such suggestions should not delay the decisions or integrity of the group, hence a balance of a welcoming soft voice and a reasonably independent voice is the key for a good decision making.

* Fearless

    He/she should be bold enough to represent his/her group to the outside world and should develop faith in others to be fearless.

* Moderator
To maintain the integrity and decorum of the group for a smooth functioning, he/she should be convincing enough to sort out issues within the group, and should be a troubleshooter.

* Motivator
A leader should be motivating enough to deliver the best from the group and provide them an environment conducive enough to work. And should have a quality of developing leadership qualities in all the persons of the group and should be able to delegate responsibilities among the group people.