Involvement of youth in politics making any difference or not

Political activities are very important to change the overall scenario of our societies and nation at large. The political parties having good ideology and vision are playing key role in upliftment of the nation. Any ideas or vision must be translated in to action to get its result or fruit. All political parties are having their action committees which are block level, district level and state level. 
The involvement of youth in politics is essential as they are the dynamic, energetic and focused citizens who can work hard to get the desired result for the party and the people in the society. Involvement of youth and political parties go hand in hand. More and more youth are joining in Indian politics nowadays and making our political system free and fair and thereby, the Indian democracy very strong. The youth, i.e. the young generation always play a vital role in taking prompt decision, correcting the evils in the existing system and thereby take the parties’ political agenda at a height. Moreover the young people are always having an aptitude for self-learning and getting updated knowledge about the globe. This updated knowledge is very useful for changing the lifestyle of common people of our society. In the recent past, we have observed that more and more youth are joining in politics and thereby strengthening the morale of political leaders as well as grass root workers of world’s largest democracy.

Abhik Ganguly
B.Tech-CSE (4A)